Dream On, Dreamer

An Instapundit reader writes: “If the Obama-Biden ticket loses, this will be the final nail in the coffin of the main stream media. The credibility of the MSM will be irreparably damaged, and Americans across the board will come to trust the alternative media for real, working information.”

I wish. People have been predicting the death of the mainstream media for a few election cycles now, but they just keep hanging on, like the undead.

Even worse, as they’re pushed to the margins, they’ve become more vicious and aggressive, transforming from those old-school, lumbering zombies into the new, “28 Days Later” running zombies.

I don’t think I’ll predict the demise of the major media just yet, but I will predict that they’ll continue to reveal themselves for what they are. And that’s all I want, really.

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