Vapid, Hesitant, and Gutless

Christopher Hitchens looks at the struggles of Barack Obama: To analyze this is to be obliged to balance some of the qualities of Obama’s own personality with some of the characteristics of his party. Here’s a swift test. Be honest. What sentence can you quote from his convention speech in Denver? I thought so. All … Read more

Not Sure If This is Good News, But It’s Something

Apparently, porn is no longer the most popular thing on the internet: Tancer, general manager of global research at Hitwise, an Internet tracking company, said one of the major shifts in Internet use in the past decade had been the fall off in interest in pornography or adult entertainment sites. He said surfing for porn … Read more

Jesus Was a Community Organizer, and a Hiker Too. And I Think He May Have Been a Stamp Collector.

One of my pet peeves, along with people who leave their shopping carts rolling around in the parking lot (The cart corral is right over there! Would it kill you to put your cart away, you bastards!?!), is people who try to use Jesus to make a political point. Well, Obama supporters have reached a … Read more

Lileks Stands Up for the Lady

I haven’t linked to James Lileks in a while, but here he absolutely wails on a Canadian columnist who has found in Sarah Palin an outlet for all her contempt for America.

Democrats Fret, "We’re Not Losing Fast Enough! Attack Palin More!"

Unbelievable. Rarely does one see a group go from perfect confidence to total self-immolation as quickly as Obama supporters have since the nomination of Sarah Palin. I don’t even remember the name of that old guy who’s at the top of the Republican ticket, so completely has the full force of the Democrat apparatus been … Read more

Dream On, Dreamer

An Instapundit reader writes: “If the Obama-Biden ticket loses, this will be the final nail in the coffin of the main stream media. The credibility of the MSM will be irreparably damaged, and Americans across the board will come to trust the alternative media for real, working information.” I wish. People have been predicting the … Read more

Dare I Say… Brilliant?

I hesitate to call John McCain–or anything about his campaign–brilliant, but on the day after Sarah Palin’s introduction, his running mate selection is starting to look like exactly that. I don’t know if it was brilliant on purpose or just accidentally, but you can’t argue with the results so far. First of all, McCain finally … Read more