Canadian Criminals Say, "Keep Your Studies to Yourself!"

A Canadian study has found that a third of people shot by a taser need medical attention:

Only days after Taser International was found liable in a wrongful death suit, a new study conducted by CBC News/Radio-Canada and the Canadian Press have concluded that one in three people shot by a Taser require medical attention. The information was gathered from RCMP incident reports filed between 2002 and 2007. Of the 3,226 tasings laid down during that period, 910 of the victims went to a medical facility to treat their injuries—and many more potentially serious cases did not seek treatment.

Well, I’ve conducted my own independent study, and I’ve found that 100% of the people shot by a handgun need medical attention (if you count the coroner as “medical attention” too).

What in the world does this “study” accomplish? Does it establish that it’s dangerous to be tasered? Well, duh. Is the goal to get police to stop using tasers because of concern about the safety of perpetrators? I don’t see how it can possibly improve safety to take a means of non-lethal self-defense out of the cops’ hands. Are the researchers just hoping to be called as expert witnesses in the upcoming slew of taser lawsuits? Ah, now we may be onto something.