Welcome to the Party, Pal

National Review Online is publishing a counter-punch to recent atheist publications in a series called “The Loser Letters,” which is described thusly:

Christianity has been taking a beating for years now, with one tony atheist tome after another rolling off the presses — and still no end in sight.

And so far — with the exception of a Michael Novak here and a Dinesh D’Souza there — believers have largely turned the other cheek.

Now, finally, comes the payback — with THE LOSER LETTERS, a Screwtape for our screwed-up time.

Both a hilarious and edgy send-up of today’s atheism and a serious work of Christian apologetics, THE LOSER LETTERS will have the believers cheering — and the atheists wondering what hit them.

I’m glad to see them jumping on board, but as all the cool kids know, we started covering that ground a couple of months ago with the continuing series on approaching atheists. I’d love to think we’re on the leading edge of a revolution. Let a thousand flowers bloom!

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  1. I saw those back when they came out. C.S. Lewis’s “Screwtape Letters” was at least interesting, because you could see real people reacting in realistic ways there.

    The “Loser Letters”? Not so much. Strawmen to be knocked down, nary a genuine human insight to be found.

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