Welcome to the Party, Pal

National Review Online is publishing a counter-punch to recent atheist publications in a series called “The Loser Letters,” which is described thusly:

Christianity has been taking a beating for years now, with one tony atheist tome after another rolling off the presses — and still no end in sight.

And so far — with the exception of a Michael Novak here and a Dinesh D’Souza there — believers have largely turned the other cheek.

Now, finally, comes the payback — with THE LOSER LETTERS, a Screwtape for our screwed-up time.

Both a hilarious and edgy send-up of today’s atheism and a serious work of Christian apologetics, THE LOSER LETTERS will have the believers cheering — and the atheists wondering what hit them.

I’m glad to see them jumping on board, but as all the cool kids know, we started covering that ground a couple of months ago with the continuing series on approaching atheists. I’d love to think we’re on the leading edge of a revolution. Let a thousand flowers bloom!