That Other Book from a Former Bush Administration Official

The Cynical Christian favorite Christopher Hitchens reviews the book War and Decision, which isn’t getting getting a lot of press because it doesn’t make the Bush administration look bad. While he’s at it, it pauses to take a swipe at the guy who wrote that other book:

I used to watch this mooncalf blunder his way through press conferences and think, Exactly where do we find such men? For the job of swabbing out the White House stables, yes. But for any task involving the weighing of words? Hah! Now it seems that he realizes, and with a shock at that, that there was a certain amount of “spin” or propaganda involved in his job description. Well, give the man a cigar.

It looks like the hero’s parade that Scott McClellan had been getting from the media is already fading out. But it’s a long campaign, so I’m sure we’ll here a little more from him. I hope he’s putting a little money away this time.

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