CPR for the GOP

How bad are things for the Republican party? This bad: Their best case scenario for this election season is a veto-proof, filibuster-proof Democratic majority in congress, and John McCain in the White House. Holy crap.

The Politico has some suggestions what the Republicans can do to turn their party around, and they make pretty good sense, but the fact that somebody feels the need to point these things out makes me think that the situation is even worse than it seems.

Republicans need to focus on cutting taxes, slashing spending and rediscovering their edge on national security matters.

Oh, you think so, professor? What else are Republicans FOR, for crying out loud? That’s like saying a boxer needs to renew his focus on not getting punched in the face. And then again, there’s this:

More important, they need to jump ahead of Democrats in thinking anew about entitlement programs, health care, technological innovation, global trade and new energy plans.

What they need to “jump ahead” on is “thinking anew” about how to get government out of all those things. Do the words “free market” not mean anything to anybody anymore? Sheesh.

If they had to compete against a sensible political party, they’d be ruined. Luckily for them, they only have to run against Democrats. Let the race to the bottom begin!

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