Who’s the Opposition Party, Anyway?

You’ve heard of the opposition party making a response to the State of the Union address, but have you ever heard of conservatives making a response to the address of a Republican president? Well, here you go:

I didn’t watch the SOTU, because they’re all just, “Blah blah spending billions more blah blah the nation’s children blah blah sweeping reforms you’re never going to see blah blah human interest story sitting next to the First Lady.” Read that, interspersed with about 45 minutes of rote applause, and you’ve got every State of the Union for the last twenty years.

However, I did hear that the President stepped up against earmarks, which will be great if he actually follows through with it. On the other hand, I don’t find it hard to believe that conservatives think they need someone else to speak for them.

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