The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters

Someone who is way more thorough than I am has compiled this exhaustive catalog of the religion of scads of comic book characters. It covers characters major (Superman – Methodist), minor (Jimmy Olsen – Lutheran), and ridiculous (J. Jonah Jameson – hates Spider-Man). I think I already knew that the Thing was Jewish, and I kind of had a feeling that Daredevil was Catholic. But this list is clearly the product of a lot of research (or of a guy with a lot of free time making stuff up), because there’s plenty on there that even a big comic nerd like me has never heard before. Like, in an alternate universe, mutant bad guy Sabretooth became a born-again Christian and spent his life raising little mutant orphans. My hat’s off to whoever walked a seven-foot-tall mutant with pointy teeth and claws down the Roman road.

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