The Era of Dave

Considering how much the entertainment media likes to talk about itself, I was surprised that more wasn’t written about David Letterman’s farewell show. The last episode of Mad Men got more coverage than the moon landing, and the only people who have ever seen that show are the people who are paid to write about it. Meanwhile Dave was praised in a More …

“And Now the Bedside Table is a Bush”

Where the Wild Things Are, as read by Christopher Walken (or somebody who really, really sounds like Christopher Walken). The true genius is in his descriptions of the illustrations: (Via Open Culture)

A Crazy Man at Parade Rest

Via Jim Geraghty, here’s a clip of Robin Williams performing a USO show when the ceremony for the end of the day happens right in the middle of his act. He doesn’t know what’s going on, but he knows enough to remove his hat: video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

If Anyone Wants to Make a Conservative Daily Show, I am Available for Writing Duties

A very insightful article from The Atlantic (and a surprisingly even-handed one coming from a liberal-leaning publication) about why American comedy tends to lean left: So if philosophy isn’t preventing conservative comedy from flourishing, what is? Structural, demographic, and financial issues. Successful comics often rise up out of thriving, crowded standup scenes, which tend to mainly exist in urban areas. More …

“Alabama is Through to the Super Bowl!”

A British announcer unfamiliar with the sport of American football does play-by-play for the Alabama-Notre Dame championship game from last year. A nice addition to a game that was pretty hilarious to begin with. #RollPipPipCheerioTide

The Vincent Clortho Public Wizard School

Sure, Hogwart’s is nice, but what about the conditions at inner city public wizard schools? (It’s not a new video, but I can’t know about everything as soon as it comes out. I have a job and stuff.) (Oh, and Caution: Some swears.)

Thank Goodness for Bill Cosby

He’s still doing his best to keep the young comedians straight. Thanks, Cos, for fighting that uphill battle. From Acculturated: For decades he has made a point to reach out to younger comedians who hold cultural sway at the time and let them know what he thinks of their material. Most famously, a younger Eddie Murphy mockingly recounted his fatherly More …

I’ll Miss Comedy When It’s Gone

Conan O’Brien steps out of line ever so slightly and gets a taste of the political correctness enforcement buzz saw. From Business Insider: Friday evening, O’Brien posted a joke about Marvel’s new Muslim female superhero — Kamala Khan, a 16-year-old Muslim girl from New Jersey who transforms into Ms. Marvel after she’s suddenly bestowed with special powers — that has More …

Unless You Have a Mouthful of Cereal Right Now, Click This Link

Amazon has posted a collection of the funniest customer reviews of products, and, outside of the transcript of an Obama foreign policy speech, it is some of the most hilarious stuff you will see on the internet. Go there now.

Because I Love Brian Regan, Here’s Some Brian Regan

It’s a great interview from comedy site LaughSpin:

Clean Comics in a Dirty World

Via @Will_Antonin, an interesting piece in the WSJ about the state of “clean” comedy in America today: If you listen carefully as he tears through his set, something else is apparent: Jim Gaffigan works clean. He resists profanity. He doesn’t rip celebrities with crude insults. He won’t reveal everything you didn’t want to know about his sexual urges and private More …

Pandora Does Comedy Now, Just in Time for All the “Dead Osama” Jokes

On top of all the music goodness, Pandora now does comedy too! I am more excited than I’ve been since I found that onion ring in my french fries. Go now and load up on Brian Regan. Thank me later.