The WWJJD Podcast: Don’t Judge Us, It’s Our First Try

Ever wonder what it would sound like if I did a podcast with my award-winning-educator/counselor/pastor’s-wife/super-mom-of-two sister? Well, wonder no more, because here it is, the inaugural episode of the “What Would Jodi and Jason Do?” podcast, or as the hip… Continue Reading


Wherein I Renounce Conservatism


People don’t vote for ideologies. Regular people, I mean. Voting for something just because it’s the most accurate reflection of some “-ism” is something you’d expect from either a college sophomore or some dead-ender who has political newsletters instead of friends… Continue Reading


Don’t Give Up on Us, Baby

This election, if it hasn’t brought out the worst in us, has brought out the worst in our opinions of other people. Suspicion of the government — an American tradition and, I believe, a prime indicator of a healthy society… Continue Reading


5 Things I Learned: August 2016


1. Let us now praise the Brieftons Vertico Spiralizer: In an effort to eat healthier, we’re trying to cut down on carbs. Unfortunately, pasta is made out of carbs, and pasta appears in approximately 150% of our meals. (You haven’t lived until you’ve… Continue Reading


The Great South o’ Town Church Search!


Last summer my family and I relocated from the suburbs north of Birmingham to the suburbs south of Birmingham so I could be closer to my favorite Waffle House. When you move into a new house in Alabama, your priority tasks are 1)… Continue Reading


A Clarification of Our Current Predicament


There are more than a few smart, respectable, level-headed conservatives saying that we have to vote for Trump because that’s the only way to keep the Supreme Court out of Hillary’s hands. It’s an inversion of the “devil you know” argument: the… Continue Reading


The Joys of Double Parenthood


There’s been a lot of ink spilled about single parenthood in my lifetime. As the number of single parent households went through the roof, a lot of people felt the need to lend them as much moral support as possible. So,… Continue Reading


5 Things I Learned: July 2016

I’m a little late this month, because… 1. Whoever designs Samsung dryers is a sadistic monster: A couple of weeks ago my wife discovered that our dryer was spinning but not drying. Well, that’s not good, I thought, but it’s probably… Continue Reading


A Picture to Remember You


My son Graham is a pretty happy-go-lucky soul. He needs structure and is apprehensive about change just like any other kid, but for a four-year-old he rolls with the punches pretty well. So when he started to pitch screaming fits… Continue Reading


5 Things I Learned: June 2016

1. Double-check the time on those theater tickets – We backed into some free tickets to Wicked courtesy of my wife’s brother and his wife. It was a Sunday matinee; they told us to meet them at the theater at 1:30 for… Continue Reading


Hey, I’m in a Book!


Author, radio show host, and my internet buddy Jen Fulwiler has put together a new book, and I’m just tickled to be a part of it. Not too long ago, Jen asked a bunch of her blogger friends to write… Continue Reading


A Quick Guide to #Brexit

Occasionally it happens that something you’ve never heard of before suddenly becomes the most important thing in the world. It happened the first time you heard the word “McGriddle,” and now it’s happened again with “Brexit,” which, it turns out,… Continue Reading


Speaking for Fathers, Let’s Kill All the Alligators


The juxtaposition of two nightmarish incidents in Florida last week provide a harsh life lesson for all of us about how ugly the world can get. But the more I see the general reaction unfold, the more I think that… Continue Reading


5 Things I Learned: May 2016

My lovely wife has challenged me to make some blog posts that are more personal, and one of her suggestions is a post every month with a “5 things I learned this month” format. This is a challenge because I am… Continue Reading


Everything I Know About Culture I Learned from Bugs Bunny

And it shows, am I right? But seriously, I’m glad the Wall Street Journal is finally acknowledging what cartoon aficionados have always known: while you’re watching those old Warner Brothers cartoons, you get a ton of exposure to some pretty highbrow… Continue Reading


Lessons from My Wife about How to Be a Good Wife

I was only prepared to choose a college after I had already been to college. When I was in high school and deciding what college I wanted to attend, I thought I knew what I wanted — racquetball courts, high girl/guy ratio,… Continue Reading


Pray For Mojo

The Frinkiac is a search engine for quotes from The Simpsons, so it’s pretty much the pinnacle of human achievement already. But now it can make animated gifs from Simpsons scenes too. Yeah, I won’t be wasting time with that… Continue Reading


Trump VP Suggestions

As I mentioned before, since I don’t have anyone to vote for, I’m only following the 2016 presidential election for it’s entertainment value. With that in mind, I’d like to see Trump pick the most entertaining vice presidential running mate… Continue Reading


Happy Mother’s Day!

If you can, tell you mother how much you love her. If you can’t, remember how much she loved you. Enjoy the video!


Welp, We’re Truly Screwed Now: A Very Early Pre-Post-Mortem

After Donald Trump’s big win in Indiana the head of the Republican party says that he is now the party’s presumptive nominee for president, and I have never felt more like I am taking crazy pills. So, it’s time to… Continue Reading