That’s Gold, Man

Part of the battle to transform America into a pro-life country is to re-establish the idea that children are not a burden but a blessing. Not just any old blessing, either–one of the greatest blessing God gives.

Me on the Bee

I recently had the chance to write an op-ed for the Babylon Bee titled “Why Does Satire Keep Coming True?” It’s in the subscribers-only premium section, so if you’re a subscriber head on over and enjoy. If you’re not a subscriber, here’s just a taste of that sweet, sweet semi-serious content that could be yours for just pennies a day: …

Evangelicals and the Culture War

A couple of great articles about the rifts among evangelicals cause by different responses to the ongoing culture war.

2021 Reading Wrap-Up and Recommendations

I read a bunch of books in 2021, and you, dear reader, are the one who benefits. Don’t waste hours digging through the remainders at Dollar Tree looking for your next read. Just waste a few minutes right here and get some much better options.

For Future Reference: Comparison of January 6th and BLM Riots

To give a sense of perspective, this page presents a compare/contrast look at facts relating to Jan. 6th, 2021 and the BLM riots of the summer of 2020. Lots of links and background information there, including a handy table featuring tidbits like these: Police Officers Assaulted: Jan 6 – 140; BLM – 2037 Federal Charges for Assault: Jan 6 – …

For Future Reference: COVID Facts and Links

Here’s another post chock-full of information that I wanted to link here in case I (or you, dear reader) wanted to refer back to it in the future. Some highlights of coronavirus reality tidbits: There has been NO unusual excess mortality. The press has called 2020 the UK’s “deadliest year since world war two”, but this is misleading because it ignores …

It’s Not Just Christian Music That’s Terrible

After my recent post on why I don’t like Christian music, I don’t want to seem like I’m just picking on Christian music. Because you know what else is stale and boring? Secular pop music. But is it boring for the same reasons? Well, yeah, partly. Rick Beato, who knows more about music than any ten people I’ve ever seen …

A Further Explanation for People Who Think I’m Going to Hell Because I Don’t Like Church Music

Whenever I tell people that I don’t like praise & worship music, they usually take it as a sign I have a dark, empty void where my soul should be, like a vampire or a zombie or a Facebook employee, and so I’m most likely doomed to hellfire and damnation. I try to explain that my feelings are related to …

We Need a Federalist Society for American Businesses

After a wave of progressive jurisprudence in the 1960’s and ’70’s led to an America that made the “Death Wish” and “Dirty Harry” movies seen like feel-good romps, conservative legal minds decided that something had to be done to counteract the influence of liberal activism in American courts. That something was the Federalist Society, an organization formed by students at …

How to Celebrate Your 50th Birthday: A Multi-Part Adventure

The last time I wanted to make a big to-do about my birthday, Showbiz Pizza was still a thing, with its janky simulations of jugband critters and state-of-the-art flashy blinky machines. Now at age 50, I myself have become a janky critter simulation, and I don’t do nearly as much flashing and blinking as I used to.

Stuff the Bee Turned Down

I am blessed and honored to be able to contribute content to The Babylon Bee on occasion. The way it works is: I pitch them ideas for headlines, and if they like my pitch, they either take it and write the article, or they give me the chance to write the article myself.

Bringing Home Laine, Part 9: Happy Now

Now, at least, we were headed home. And in spite of our worst fears, Laine did pretty great, especially when you consider it from her point of view as a 15-month-old locked up in a loud metal tube with a bunch of strangers for half a day.

Bringing Home Laine, Part 8: Paperwork

One more hoop jumped through: Today we visited the US Consulate to apply for Laine’s exit visa so we can all finally get the bleep outta here and come home.

Bringing Home Laine, Part 7: Halfway Home

Guangzhou! And probably the nicest hotel I will ever stay in. We spent day one getting Laine cleared by the health authorities to leave the country. She’d been running a fever so we were a little tense about it, but of course she passed because, y’know, God.

Anybody Remember That One Guy Who Said “Don’t Freak Out”?

I want everybody to remember that there were voices from the beginning saying “don’t freak out,” and those voices were silenced and ridiculed. And they were right.

Obvious Things

These are not necessarily facts; they’re just things that seem obvious to me. But I feel like I still need to point them out, because obvious things just aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

Bringing Home Laine, Part 6: China is Amazing

Since we had to be in the country for two weeks, our adoption agency planned some fun, touristy excursions so we could soak up the culture and not go stark raving mad cooped up in a hotel room with a screaming baby.

Bringing Home Laine, Part 5: The Finding Place

We got in a cab and drove into the outskirts of Kunming to a place our guide Susan called “Yilu Village.” I say “the outskirts,” but we were still in the shadow of about half a dozen high-rise apartment buildings.

Bringing Home Laine, Part 4: The Orphanage Visit

Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 The next day we drove across town (did I mention Kunming was about the size of New York City?) to visit the orphanage where Laine had lived since she was two months old. Many times we had been told by people in the know that the Kunming orphanage was as nice a facility …

Bringing Home Laine, Part 3: Official

Previously: Part 1, Part 2 Turns out that “Gotcha Day” is really just an extended test drive. Apparently — and amazingly — some people will reach this point in the process and decide to back out. The Chinese child welfare authorities go to great lengths to prevent episodes of buyer’s remorse — where parents, after getting their newly adopted child …