Me on the Bee

I recently had the chance to write an op-ed for the Babylon Bee titled “Why Does Satire Keep Coming True?” It’s in the subscribers-only premium section, so if you’re a subscriber head on over and enjoy. If you’re not a subscriber, here’s just a taste of that sweet, sweet semi-serious content that could be yours … Read more

Stuff the Bee Turned Down

I am blessed and honored to be able to contribute content to The Babylon Bee on occasion. The way it works is: I pitch them ideas for headlines, and if they like my pitch, they either take it and write the article, or they give me the chance to write the article myself.

My Quest to Get in The Babylon Bee, Part 5

Boom. One of my ideas from way back in week 2 got selected for publication. Joy! Here’s a link to the complete, epically hilarious post. So now that the Bee has made the mistake of encouraging me, they will never, ever be rid of me. Pray for my children, as they will surely be neglected … Read more

My Quest to Get in The Babylon Bee, Part 4

Recognition I’m trying to produce good, solid comedy content on the Babylon Bee forum every day, and I figure if I keep doing that, eventually I’ll get noticed. But I wanted to do something to move the process along faster. So, I submitted a note to the editors using the contact form on the website. … Read more

My Quest to Get in The Babylon Bee, Part 3

The Grind Sure, maybe you’re funny, but can you be funny on demand? Can you be funny every day, on a schedule? In other words, can you be professionally funny? Because that’s what it is, when you’re producing for a regular publication. Funny on a schedule. So, can you sit down at your computer, in … Read more

My Quest to Get in the Babylon Bee, Part 2

Week 2: What is a joke, anyway? I continue to hammer away at the Babylon Bee headline forum, trying to come up with four quality posts a day. As someone who tries to be funny, I’m often fascinated by what other people think is funny. The Bee’s forum is a good laboratory for finding that … Read more

My Quest to Get in The Babylon Bee

Every time I see a headline from The Babylon Bee I have two reactions: 1) “That’s pretty funny,” and 2) “I wish I had created something like The Babylon Bee.” I admire that anybody is doing aggressive, biting satire from a right-leaning, pro-Christian standpoint, and the consistent quality of their work makes me admire it … Read more