The Value of Tipping

Well, this is wrong: On Acculturated, Katrina Trinko says we should abolish tipping: While I’m no fan of minimum wage hikes—which make it harder for young workers to get their first job and gain experience, as well as encourage businesses to consider automating or eliminating labor—it would be fantastic if the hikes could kill tipping. No, … Read more

Christians and Tipping, Revisited

Lifehacker recently ran a survey that asked, “Should tipping be outlawed?” More than 64% of the respondents answered “yes.” I think that people feel that way because they’re not seeing the act of tipping for what it is. I wrote something about this a while back, directed specifically at Christians and their tipping behavior: It … Read more

Christians and Tipping

The subject of Christians and tipping is back in the public eye, thanks to that pastor who not only left no tip but threw in a dumb, insulting note besides. If you’re not up to speed, here’s some coverage from the Consumerist: Earlier this week, we posted a story about a restaurant customer who not … Read more