Sleep Your Way to Godliness

This is for both my wife and my sister, for different reasons: Jason McMartin on how sleep can bring glory to God: We glorify God by making known his greatness. Human sleep illuminates God’s nature by means of contrast and difference. Humans must sleep and can die if they do not. God’s sleeplessness shows his … Read more

“Human Beings Make Lousy Gods”

Matt Rawlings explains why he was depressed as a “progressive” Christian: I came to reject orthodox doctrines such as Biblical inerrancy, substitutionary atonement, the exclusivity of salvation through Christ, the foreknowledge of God and many others.  I publicly ridiculed “the old guard” as out-of-touch and fully embraced post-modernism. … My decreasing lack of zeal for … Read more

The “Wrath” God vs. The “Love” God

Personally, in that fight, I’d put my money on the “Wrath” God. But there doesn’t have to be a fight; D.A. Carson explains how to reconcile the Old Testament image of God with the New Testament image of God: (Via Justin Taylor)

How Wrong Can You Be and Still Be a Christian?

If salvation depends on a perfect knowledge and understanding of God and His will, then we are all screwed. But I think that a gracious and infinite (and infinitely gracious) God grants a lot of leeway to his finite creation for their lack of understanding. For instance, the Church of Christ denomination thinks that it’s … Read more

The Theology of "Breaking Bad"

Art is a creative work that leaves itself open to interpretation. I’ve never seen the show Breaking Bad, but I’m curious about it (c’mon Amazon Prime, get with the program; I don’t have cable!), because apparently it fits that description. Fare Forward takes a look at Breaking Bad and its moral underpinnings, with guest appearances … Read more

Keller and Piper on C.S. Lewis

Tim Keller and John Piper talk about the ongoing influence of C.S. Lewis:

Rob Bell Still Foremost Advocate for Rob-Bell-ism

Rob Bell is still full of… opinions about what the church should be. (He’s apparently full of some other things, too. Starting to look a little jowly there, Roberto.) Bell recently gave a lengthy interview concerning the Bible and homosexuality. You can guess which one he supports more. Brian Mattson analyzes the interview and dismembers … Read more

God’s Sovereignty in the Face of Tragedy

After catastrophic events like the Oklahoma City tornado, people understandably ask the same questions–questions along the lines of, “Why would a good God allow this to happen?” Coincidentally-named Oklahoma City pastor Sam Storms has obviously heard those questions many times before, and he writes on the struggle to answer them: I’m inclined to think the … Read more

Why Do You Choose to Read This Post Rather Than Look at Cat Pictures?

It’s because you have free will! (Or maybe you have another browser open and you’re looking at cat pictures there. Anyways…) Courtesy of Prager University, Frank Pastore discusses free will, and why you have good reason to believe that you’re not just a bundle of instincts in a bag of meat.

More on Biblical Inconsistency, or the Lack Thereof

In the same vein as a previous post on the historic accuracy of the gospels, here’s some rich, theological goodness from Tim Keller about apparent inconsistencies in the Bible, especially those between the Old and New Testaments: The New Testament explains another change between the testaments. Sins continue to be sins—but the penalties change. In … Read more