Speaking for Fathers, Let’s Kill All the Alligators

The juxtaposition of two nightmarish incidents in Florida last week provide a harsh life lesson for all of us about how ugly the world can get. But the more I see the general reaction unfold, the more I think that maybe it wasn’t harsh enough. A family, vacationing at Disney World, lost their toddler son … Read more

Why Don’t Christians Shoot Up Insulting Magazines? Because They’re Christians

Amy K. Hall does a great job of putting into words something that everyone knows deep down: The reason you never hear about Christians seeking violent revenge against people who insult God is that Christians worship a God who blessed mankind by humbling Himself. Insults are just part of the gig: God accomplished His purpose through the … Read more

C.S. Lewis on Charlie Hebdo and the Aftermath

I’m telling you, if you haven’t read The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis, you need to drop what you’re doing and read it right now. It was written seventy years ago, but it seems more relevant with every passing day. Some days, Lewis makes Nostradamus seem like a guy with a closet full of Beanie Babies … Read more

Thoughts on Tourture

With the release of the CIA torture report, I thought I would write a little about my thoughts on torture, but then I remembered that I already did. Below is the entirety of a post from 2009, another time when a lot of people were thinking about the moral implications of “enhanced interrogation”: There’s been … Read more

Let’s Handicap Crazy Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Theories

I realize this is a delicate situation to talk about, because it involves the lives of 200+ passengers and crew, and by extension all their families and friends. But let’s be real here: people love crazy speculation about strange stuff like this. And the longer we go without answers, the crazier the speculation gets. So … Read more


What is up with the word “radicalize” lately? It’s getting a lot more mileage thanks to analysis of those wild ‘n’ crazy Tsarnaev brothers. Everyone seems to be taking it as a given that the bombers were just regular guys–swell guys, in fact, princes among men–until they went through some kind horrible process that “radicalized” … Read more

Analysis of the Analysis of the Boston Bombers

Instead of reading the mainstream media’s overwrought analysis of why, oh, why those two Tsarnaev brothers could’ve done such a dastardly thing, just read this from Powerline. Money quote: When asserting the obvious is not a respectable option, asserting gibberish becomes the option of choice for people of ordinary intellect who wish to opine. And … Read more