The Ongoing Denial of Reality: Gender Edition

Here’s that Kevin D. Williamson article everyone has been talking about, about that Time magazine cover story on transgenderism everyone has been talking about: The infinite malleability of the postmodern idea of “gender,” as opposed to the stubborn concreteness of sex, is precisely the reason the concept was invented. For all of the high-academic theory attached … Read more

Prisoners of Sex

Ross Douthat writes an excellent column that’s a lot less like a late-night Cinemax movie than the title suggests. It’s actually a sobering piece about the culture that produces those movies and oh, by the way, also produces, every once in a while, an Elliot Rodger: The Santa Barbara killer’s pulsing antipathy toward women, his … Read more

Why Does God Care Whom I Sleep With?

Short answer: Because He cares about you, and anyone who cares about you will be concerned about your choices in that area. Longer answer below (British accents included at no extra charge): (Via Justin Taylor)

The Sexual Revoluiton and the End of Christianity in America

I very rarely call an article on the Internet “important,” but this post by Rod Dreher definitely qualifies. It’s a splash of cold water in the face for people who don’t realize that the sexual revolution in general, and the ascendance of gay marriage in particular, is pushing American Christianity into a very precarious position. … Read more


In that tangential, apropos of nothing kind of way that you run across things on the internet, I ran across this quote from C.S. Lewis that I wanted to share. It’s an old quote, but like a lot of quotes from Lewis, it seems like it was torn from today’s editorial pages: You can get … Read more

The Point No One is Making About Teens and the Plan B Pill

Ann Althouse: It seems to me that when you’re talking about girls under the age of 15, if there is an occasion to buy a morning-after pill, there is an occasion to report a serious crime. Um, yes, except replace “15” with “18.” And while we’re at it, just replace “a serious crime” with “statutory … Read more

Virginity is a Non-Story on "The Bachelor"

Did producers of The Bachelor downplay the born-again virginity of this season’s eligible stud horse, Sean Lowe? (I would use the term “cover-up,” but c’mon, it’s The Bachelor.) Instead of telling us what made him different than all the previous bachelors, the show edited Lowe to look like every other guy. But when he was … Read more

Give Me Nookie or Give Me Death

Has anybody else noticed that the word “freedom” is being slowly redefined to mean “sexual freedom and only sexual freedom”? All those other freedoms that make up “freedom” are being swept to the side or just smothered to death in their sleep like Hugh Hefner in the daydreams of every woman who’s been involved with … Read more

In Defense of Ogling Women

The big story coming out of the BCS national championship game (aside from Bama = Awesome, Notre Dame = Overrated, again) was Brent Musburger’s admiration of A.J. McCarron’s beauty-queen girlfriend. Here’s the Miss Alabama in question, Katherine Webb, at the game: And here’s Musburger’s reaction: Or something like that. In the first wave of online … Read more

Sexy Uber Alles

That stupid… Wait, it’s so stupid I’m going to spell it with two “o’s”… That stoopid campaign commercial that tries to equate a vote for Obama with sex (and I’m sure the people who think this is a smart move are exactly the kind of people we should look to for sex advice) has been … Read more

Message from a Bachelor Pastor

Having been a Christian single myself for a long time (a loooooong time), I always value good advice from other Christians who have been through the fire of singlehood in our hookup culture. It always rings more true than advice from your singles minister who married his high school sweetheart on the day he graduated … Read more

New York Times Encounters Bizarre Subculture of Committed Christians

With Tim Tebow in New York, expect to see a lot more of this: The New York Times, in a lame, superficial way, asks, “What’s up with this whole waiting-until-marriage thing, and who are the weirdos who do it?” Get Religion looks at the Times‘ attempt at urban anthropology: The largely clinical portrayal of “chaste … Read more

Sexual Orientation and Choice

Jared Wilson kicks around some thoughts on the relation between sexual orientation and choice: Don’t believe the lie that struggling always to obey God is a worse lot in life than disobeying him with peace. God did not make us to “feel good inside” (or outside) all the time this side of heaven; he made … Read more