Skewed Polling: We All Know How Painful That Can Be

We’re going to be hearing a lot about “skewed polls” between now and the election, because a lot of the big polls are showing Obama with a sizable lead, and as Rush said, “If that’s true, it’s over.” So, Romney supporters will believe that the polls aren’t true because Romney supporters need to believe the … Read more

The Presidential Candidates on Being Their Brother’s Keeper

Mark Steyn highlights two stories that demonstrate two different views on being your brother’s keeper. This one, about Obama and his actual brother: In a TV infomercial a few days before his election, Obama declared that his “fundamental belief” was that “I am my brother’s keeper”.  Hmm. Back in Kenya, his brother lives in a … Read more

Who Here Doesn’t Try to Minimize Their Tax Bill?

There’s a certain cohort of people who think it’s a terrible indictment to say that Mitt Romney didn’t pay some maximum possible amount of taxes. Any kind of tax shelter he’s used is called a “scheme” and described in the shadiest terms possible. When they print stories like this, my only question is, Who in … Read more

Holy Crap, Was the Ryan Pick Brilliant?

I’m very hesitant to ever give any Republicans any kind of credit for strategic intelligence. But it might be possible that Mitt Romey’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate was not just good, but genius. Here’s Yuval Levin in the Corner: It’s at least a bit odd for Democrats who say Ryan is … Read more

The Case Against Re-election

So you think, “I want to vote against Obama, but I can’t really explain why.” Well friend, Charles Krauthammer is here to help you: Obama’s ideology — and the program that followed — explains the failure of these four years.  What program? Obama laid it out boldly in a series of major addresses during the … Read more

Ryan Hopes

With Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney chose a running mate that will make fiscal conservatives gleeful with thoughts of reform and will make Democrats giddy with the target-rich environment for attacks. The battle is well and truly joined now. First off, here’s one of those conservatives, Jonah Goldberg: The GOP base, particularly the tea parties, will … Read more

The Romney Veepstakes: Petraeus

Reader Mark noted below that I made a glaring omission from the list of potential Romney VP’s: General David Petraeus. To make amends, here’s a post on Petraeus pros and cons: In addition, if war erupts in the Middle East involving Iran, Romney, lacking military experience, may be at a disadvantage. And having the steady Petraeus … Read more

Romney Veep Sweepstakes

Mitt Romney is close to selecting a running mate, so I think it’s high time for some irresponsible predictions. Let’s break it down completely unscientific-style: the potential Republican VP candidates and the totally made-up odds that they’ll be picked by the Romney campaign: Condoleezza Rice – Bless her heart; she seems like a good, competent … Read more

Other Things Harry Reid has Heard about Mitt Romney

Senate majority leader and super-brilliant, smarty-smart, Sherlock Holmes-like sleuth Harry Reid recently revealed that a totally reliable and absolutely not-made-up source told him that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years. Naturally, the nation is reeling from this news. But they haven’t even heard everything yet. There are still more revelations to come from … Read more

Mitt Romney: The Candidate with Experience

I noticed this while watching National Treasure: Book of Secrets (c’mon, it was a respectable follow-up; it was the dang Maltese Falcon compared to most of the stuff Nick Cage has done lately) the other night. Mitt Romney should make a campaign issue of his resemblance to actor Bruce Greenwood, who plays the president in … Read more

Who Wants to Learn All About Mormonism?

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you want to or not; the mainstream media is going to spend the rest of the election cycle bombarding us with Mormon tidbits like jewelry store junk mail before Valentine’s Day. Ann Althouse highlights one big, fat entry in the NY Times, and asks some pertinent questions: But what I’d … Read more