Modern Martyrs

Kristen Powers writes on the growing worldwide persecution of Christians, and I don’t just mean the folks from Duck Dynasty: In their annual report of the worst 50 countries for Christian persecution, Open Doors found that Christian martyr deaths around the globe doubled in 2013.  Their report documented 2,123 killings, compared with 1,201 in 2012. … Read more

Christian Persecution, For Reals

I think that all the brouhaha over Phil Robertson’s suspension from Duck Dynasty was entirely appropriate and justified. I think that Christians should be in the habit of vigorously pushing back against the politically correct thought police at every opportunity. However, just to keep a sense of perspective, I think it’s important that we don’t … Read more

Eddie Romero Is One Ballsy Preacher

Think you’re bold for Jesus? Well, have you ever snuck into Iran to protest for the release of Iranian Christians who had been imprisoned for their faith? Eddie Romero has: Pastor Romero protested in front of Iran’s notorious Evin prison on Monday, chanting “Let my people go.” Prison officials detained Romero and it is unclear … Read more

If Christians Aren’t the Most Persecuted, They’re Number Two with a Bullet

I believe our friends the Jews still hold the pole position in the “Most Persecuted Religion” rankings (I can’t even remember the last time a Syrian rocket landed in my swimming pool), but Christians are coming on strong. So strong, in fact, that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is talking about it: Opposition MPs have criticised the … Read more