Almighty Biden

So many people are saying the Paul Ryan is going to stomp a mudhole in Joe Biden at the vice presidential debate that I’m starting to get worried. Worried in a vague, suspicious-of-conventional-wisdom kind of way. Creative Minority Report reinforces my worry with an excellent point: This week’s conventional wisdom is that Rep. Paul Ryan, … Read more

Demogoguing Paul Ryan

The Obama campaign doesn’t want to argue the specifics of Paul Ryan’s budget plan because a) they think they can get more traction by telling people Romney and Ryan are going to break into their homes and steal their asthma inhalers, and b) they’re afraid that they’ll lose the argument. The New Republic (“liberals who … Read more

Holy Crap, Was the Ryan Pick Brilliant?

I’m very hesitant to ever give any Republicans any kind of credit for strategic intelligence. But it might be possible that Mitt Romey’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate was not just good, but genius. Here’s Yuval Levin in the Corner: It’s at least a bit odd for Democrats who say Ryan is … Read more

If Only Ryan’s Budget Were Really Insane

As part of our ongoing effort to answer the question, “What is Paul Ryan’s budget, anyway?” here’s Erick Erickson wishing that Ryan’s budget was as crazy as Democrats say it is: Despite the rhetoric from spending addicts on the left, Paul Ryan’s plan is not the radical path conservatives would prefer. The plan does not … Read more

Paul Ryan and "Social Justice"

Katheryn Jean Lopez looks at the relation between Paul Ryan’s budgetary philosophy and Christian obligations to charity: Ryan’s bishop, Robert Morlino of Madison, Wis., gave him a vote of confidence while affirming the work of religious orders in an interview with Raymond Arroyo of EWTN: “Congressman Ryan has made his prudential judgment about how best … Read more

So, What is This "Paul Ryan Budget" You Speak Of?

“I’ve found the key to unlock Paul Ryan’s budget!” You’ll be hearing a lot about the “Paul Ryan budget” over the coming weeks. But rather than giving details about it, mainstream media sources will probably treat it like an unholy incantation from the book of the dead. I expect the thrust of the coverage to … Read more

Ryan Hopes

With Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney chose a running mate that will make fiscal conservatives gleeful with thoughts of reform and will make Democrats giddy with the target-rich environment for attacks. The battle is well and truly joined now. First off, here’s one of those conservatives, Jonah Goldberg: The GOP base, particularly the tea parties, will … Read more