What Saturday Night Live Would Look Like in an Alternate Universe

Holy cow, a Saturday Night Live sketch where they kind of sort of criticize President Obama. How did this make the show? I’m sure heads will roll.

Omitting God

Let’s say you were president. Let’s further say that in spite of campaign promises to the contrary, your presidency has brought a certain amount of divisiveness to the land. Let’s even further say that no small portion of said divisiveness stems from the fact that, for whatever reason, a significant percentage of your constituents believe … Read more

IRS Visits White House More Than Kramer Visits Jerry

Draw your own conclusions: The Washington Examiner reported on Monday that Mark Everson, Commissioner of Internal Revenue from 2003 to 2007, during the Bush administration, visited the White House exactly once while in office. Indeed he felt like he’d “moved to Siberia” so out of the ordinary political loop was he. But Douglas Shulman, Commissioner … Read more

The "S" Word

P.J. O’Rourke saying what needs to be said: In 2001 Congress passed the Authorization for the Use of Military Force, a declaration of war on terrorists and nations that harbor them. In his speech the president said, “I look forward to engaging . . . in efforts to refine and ultimately repeal the AUMF’s mandate.”  … Read more

‘Gate-O-Rama: A Quick Scandal Roundup

You may not have been keeping up with the recent spate of Obama administration scandals, perhaps because you have an interesting, fulfilling life; or your internet soup business isn’t panning out like you thought so you couldn’t pay your cable bill; or you’re a conservative and you’ve just given up on following the news, because … Read more

Wide Awake

As the White House struggles with all these scandals, a lot of conservatives are thinking, “Finally, maybe this will make [insert name of presumably slumbering group here] wake up and things will start to change!” I don’t want to depress anybody, but I don’t want you to set yourselves up for disappointment either. At least … Read more

Inauguration 2013: Still Giglio-Free

In honor of the Giglio-free inauguration today, here’s the Anchoress with some big-picture thoughts on what the pastor’s exclusion means: An ancillary concern, but one that must be mentioned: Almost immediately following Giglio’s withdrawal, social media discussions erupted, even among thoughtful people, about which “gay friendly presumed” preacher should replace him. Some of the names … Read more

Religious Freedom (Wink, Wink) Day

Thomas McDonald fisks the president’s Religious Freedom Day proclamation: Because of the protections guaranteed by our Constitution, each of us has the right to practice our faith openly and as we choose. As a free country, our story has been shaped by every language and enriched by every culture. We are a nation of Christians … Read more

Louis Giglio Thought He Was Going to a Dance, Wound Up at a Fight

Louis Giglio thought he was going to be giving the benediction at the presidential inauguration, but then he found out he wasn’t. The Hill summarizes the situation thusly: Louis Giglio, a Georgia-based pastor who had been selected to give the benediction at President Obama’s inauguration, has dropped out from the program after reports that he … Read more

Well, Sure. Why Else Would He Do All Those Things?

Perhaps sensing that a constant middle finger raised toward traditionally religious Americans might lead to some serious electoral problems, the Obama campaign has released, at the 11th hour, a video claiming a moral, religious motivation for Obama’s policies. No, really. Here it is: For those of you who couldn’t watch more than a few seconds … Read more

Why Obama Losing woud be Better for Race Relations than Obama Winning

The racial grievance industry has been so successful that in recent history it has had a tendency to counteract itself. There are so many legal protections against discrimination in place, that sometimes employers don’t want to hire someone from a protected class for fear that they won’t be able to fire them. Or if they … Read more

Skewed Polling: We All Know How Painful That Can Be

We’re going to be hearing a lot about “skewed polls” between now and the election, because a lot of the big polls are showing Obama with a sizable lead, and as Rush said, “If that’s true, it’s over.” So, Romney supporters will believe that the polls aren’t true because Romney supporters need to believe the … Read more

At What Point Does This Cult of Personality Stuff Start to Creep People Out?

Here’s your updated American flag, on sale now at the Obama for America store: If you’re cool with this, how would you have responded if George W. Bush had replaced the stars on the flag with a big “W”? Is nobody creeped out by this stuff? You know, the replacement of American symbolism with Obama … Read more

Pictures from America’s Obituary

Conservatives–especially the extreme, radical kind of conservatives like me and the people I meet at our regular “Gun-Fondling, Bible-Thumping, and Fried Chicken” festivals–tend to be on the pessimistic side. America, in their view, is forever on a slippery slope to tyranny, just one election away from losing our rights, under the creeping shadow of totalitarianism, … Read more

The Democrat’s Love/Hate Relationship with Jews

Basically it’s that they love their money, but they hate they’re country. I was afraid I was too harsh on the Democrats’ treatment of Christians, but Roger Simon asks some deadly serious questions to his fellow Jews: Which leads me to the incendiary part of this article.  I address it to my fellow Jews who … Read more

Reasons Not to Have an Economic Illiterate in the White House

Richard Epstein plumbs the depths of Barack Obama’s economic ignorance, and man, there’s some plumbing to do: The president’s speech was equally lacking when it came to the topics of free enterprise and international trade. At the grand level, the president is always effusive in his praise for free markets—“the greatest engine of growth and … Read more

Obama DNC Speech Breakdown

Big Government has posted a handy breakdown of Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, conveniently color-coded in these four categories: Things no one saysThings everyone supportsEmpty promisesPleading for votes Actually, this would work on every speech Obama gives.

Jon Voight on Obama

Via RedState, actor Jon Voight has entered that phase of life where you say what you want and don’t give a rip what anybody thinks: And I love it.

"2016: Obama’s America" and Why We Don’t Need It

I wish all the success in the world to Dinesh D’Souza and his movie 2016: Obama’s America. It’s good when anybody does the work of looking into Obama’s background that the press has refused to do. But, really, what is there to know about him that we don’t already know? A documentary can fill in … Read more