Anybody Remember That One Guy Who Said “Don’t Freak Out”?

I want everybody to remember that there were voices from the beginning saying “don’t freak out,” and those voices were silenced and ridiculed. And they were right.

The meaning of “Fredo”

Has anybody been keeping up with the story of that idiot Chris Cuomo and his rabid outburst at the guy who called him “Fredo?” Long story short, he’s an idiot, but I just wanted to make a quick comment on it, because I think it provides a useful object lesson on how leftists (i.e., idiots) … Read more

It’s Easier to be Brave from Behind the Biggest Bully on the Block

Here’s National Review’s David French on Sony’s decision to pull The Interview from theaters in the face of a temper tantrum from the gout-ridden junior despot of North Korea: …the irony is that we’re talking about an industry that routinely applauds itself for “speaking truth to power” or for it’s own “courage” when it makes films that their … Read more

If Facebook Wants to Control Me They’ll Have to Take a Number

I haven’t read everything about the Facebook mind control hoo-ha, so I may not know all the details. But based on what I do know, the level of freak-out over this seems completely out of whack. If Facebook was manipulating its users’ emotions, then just put them right alongside every commercial, movie, and TV show ever … Read more

Billy Corgan to Christian Artists: "Suck Less"

That’s not exactly what he said, but it’s the gist of his point in an interview with CNN. R.J. Moeller comments: In response to the question, “What advice do you have for Christian rockers?” Corgan replied, “Make better music.”  And there it is. Make better music. It seems so simple and obvious to most, but … Read more

If You Really Want Good PR, Buy a Newspaper

Matthew Continetti on Jeff Bezos’ purchase of The Washington Post: When the sale of the Post was announced, writers, editors, and producers sought to determine Bezos’ politics for a simple reason. How the media judges one’s billions determines whether one will be celebrated or scrutinized. Which sort of rich person is Bezos: a Bloomberg (good) … Read more

‘Gate-O-Rama: A Quick Scandal Roundup

You may not have been keeping up with the recent spate of Obama administration scandals, perhaps because you have an interesting, fulfilling life; or your internet soup business isn’t panning out like you thought so you couldn’t pay your cable bill; or you’re a conservative and you’ve just given up on following the news, because … Read more

Analysis of the Analysis of the Boston Bombers

Instead of reading the mainstream media’s overwrought analysis of why, oh, why those two Tsarnaev brothers could’ve done such a dastardly thing, just read this from Powerline. Money quote: When asserting the obvious is not a respectable option, asserting gibberish becomes the option of choice for people of ordinary intellect who wish to opine. And … Read more

The Gosnell Blackout

Mark Steyn: But some of us have argued a consistent position on this case for over two years now: Relatively few people wish to commit mass murder on the scale of Gosnell – that’s the good news. The bad news is that the vast ranks of newspaper publishers, TV executives, editors, news producers, radio assignment … Read more


Kermit Gosnell is the kind of guy who gives abortionists a bad name, so you’re going to have a hard time finding coverage of his murder trial in the mainstream media. But if you are trying to find out more about it–and mind you, if you look very long, you’re going to see something that makes … Read more

Why the Mainstream Media gets so Wound Up over the Pope

As highlighted by James Taranto in the WSJ, a lot of journalists have been expressing their dismay that the new pope is, in fact, Catholic. Apparently, newsrooms around the country are rife with shock and astonishment the the man who has dedicated his life to Christ and ascended to the highest post in the Catholic … Read more

Have Christians Stopped Beating Their Wife Yet?

Bearing in mind that he’s probably discouraged from using a lot of profanity in his column, Rod Dreher is juuuust about the right amount of angry about the story in the Washington Post that asks, “What role does Christianity play in the murder of the openly gay mayoral candidate in Mississippi?” Notice that the Post didn’t … Read more

The Bible is Big; Cultural Elites Still Don’t Get It

And when I say the Bible is big, what I mean is, The Bible, the History Channel mini-series, is one of the most popular cable productions of the year. Once again, we see that entertainment that treats traditional religious beliefs respectfully is appealing to a broad swath of the American public (also known as the … Read more

This Just In: Journalists Don’t Know or Like Christian Conservatives

In example number eleventy gajilion of this ongoing story, a journalism insider pulls back the curtain and reveals yet again that journalists have nothing but contempt for people who hold traditional Christian values. This time it’s the Washington Post, where the ombudsman publishes an email exchange between a reporter and a reader who complained about … Read more

The Pointless Media Hand-Wringing Over Manti Te’o

Tim Layden makes his contribution to the orgy of media navel-gazing in the wake of the tragic death of Manti Te’o’s pretend girlfriend: Prominent amid the animus directed at media in the wake of the Te’o story is that sportswriters are too willing accept the details provided to them in their pursuit of what mid-20th … Read more

Stan Musial’s Faith

Once again, GetReligion covers the part of the story that other media outlets don’t want to touch: Of course, Musial was not just an amazing baseball player, admired by everyone. He wasn’t just a gentleman with major personal accomplishments, including a marriage that lasted more than 71 years. He was also a devout Catholic. I … Read more

Less Cynical About Christian

Is actor Christian Bale secretly a nice guy? Signs point to “yes”: He went to Aurora (as a private individual, not a representative of the Warner Brothers studio) to offer his condolences to the victims of the massacre, and his gratitude to the hospital staff at the Swedish Medical Center and The Medical Center of … Read more

The Template for Tragedy

If anything has come from the recent rash of mass shootings in America, we’ve learned the pattern that these events usually follow: 1) Mass shooting happens. 2) Reporters kick aside whatever back-bench politician or minor Kardashian they’re talking to at the time and descend on the site of the shooting like a Biblical plague. Immediately … Read more

They Are the Brute Squad

The hosts of ESPN’s NFL Kickoff cram their show full of Princess Bride quotes. For what reason I do not know, but I think every time they say one, what they’re really saying is, “I love you.” (Courtesy of Joe Carter)

From the Department of the Obviously Obvious

Pat Caddell points out that the American press–that watchdog of the powerful, champion of the downtrodden–has become the enemy of a free society: My response, “Well, yeah.” (Via Ace)