Inauguration 2013: Still Giglio-Free

In honor of the Giglio-free inauguration today, here’s the Anchoress with some big-picture thoughts on what the pastor’s exclusion means: An ancillary concern, but one that must be mentioned: Almost immediately following Giglio’s withdrawal, social media discussions erupted, even among thoughtful people, about which “gay friendly presumed” preacher should replace him. Some of the names … Read more

Louis Giglio Thought He Was Going to a Dance, Wound Up at a Fight

Louis Giglio thought he was going to be giving the benediction at the presidential inauguration, but then he found out he wasn’t. The Hill summarizes the situation thusly: Louis Giglio, a Georgia-based pastor who had been selected to give the benediction at President Obama’s inauguration, has dropped out from the program after reports that he … Read more