One Way to God

More from the Doogie Howser of evangelical Christianity, David Platt. This time, he addresses those who ask, “Is there really only one way to God?” (Via Justin Taylor)

Bono on Jesus

It’s fun to hear global big-shot and rock’n’roll superstar Bono talk about the same stuff that I talk about with my friends in our Bible study group: family, faith, and who Jesus is. I think he’d fit right in with us, although we would make fun of the shades.

Jesus Saved Me a Parking Space

My mom prayed for everything. No matter how big or small, she prayed over every need in her life. Including parking spaces. I remember many a Saturday spent with my mom and little sister, trundling around the parking lot of a Sears or a Kmart or a Zayre (remember Zayre?) in my mom’s big, maroon … Read more

I Don’t Believe in Hippie (or Hipster) Jesus

Andrew Wilson warns against trying to shoehorn the Jesus of the Bible into our modern notions of what a cool, spiritual dude should be: …I don’t think Steve Chalke, Brian McLaren, Tony Campolo, Rob Bell and co are reading the Bible through a Jesus lens, as much as they are reading Jesus through a selective, … Read more

The Gospel and Gun Control

Ben Howe approaches gun control arguments from a Biblical perspective. “Jesus’ statement here has to do with vengeance and retribution, not with self-defense,” says Dr. Thomas Howe, Professor of Bible & Biblical Languages at Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC. “You should defend yourself, but you should not attempt to exact retribution upon those who … Read more