Things I Would Be Tweeting if I Were Tweeting

As previously noted, I’m cutting down my exposure to current events, because lately they just make me angry and sad. Part of that “cutting down” involves spending less time on Twitter, because if Twitter were an engine, its fuel would be anger and sadness. Check that — its fuel would be anger and more anger, and that … Read more

Some Days I Just Want to Get Back in Bed. On an Airplane. On It’s Way to a Hideout in Another Country

I read a lot of tech blogs and such — stuff written by people whom I expect to be pretty savvy about the internet; how it works and it’s remarkable place in our society. So, seeing those people react to the FCC’s net neutrality ruling with almost unanimous glee makes me want to lay my head down … Read more

Now Taking Applicants for Smoot-Hawley 2.0

The front runner to be the next Smoot-Hawley Tariff? The terrible and Orwellian-named Marketplace Fairness Act. At the Points and Figures blog, Jeff Carter breaks it down: The tax will restrict competition.  Today, people have a choice between online and physical retailers.  Physical retailers know that a person can enter their shop, whip out their … Read more

The Eternal Controversy Over Stealing Music I Mean File-Sharing

Cory Doctorow writes about “the Internet’s original sin“–downloading music in the legal gray area of file sharing (that’s right; you say “theft,” I say “gray area”; to-may-to, to-mah-to)–and some good reasons why you still shouldn’t feel bad about it: I think even the record industry recognizes that appealing to the innate justice of its survival … Read more

Pandora Does Comedy Now, Just in Time for All the “Dead Osama” Jokes

On top of all the music goodness, Pandora now does comedy too! I am more excited than I’ve been since I found that onion ring in my french fries. Go now and load up on Brian Regan. Thank me later.