Coming Up: Dem’s Propose Building Immigration Fence around UC-Berkley

Asian immigrants now outnumber Hispanic immigrants: Immigrants from Asia have now replaced immigrants from the Spanish speaking world as the largest source of new immigrants, and the Asians tend to be well educated, well skilled, and when they get here they do very well. Which means that they will end up becoming Republicans. Which means … Read more

Supreme Court Strikes Down Arizona’s Attempt to Criminalize Illegal Immigration

Wait, wait… Go back and read that headline again. Let it sink in real good. That is something I actually heard a real, professional radio reporter say in describing today’s Supreme Court decision on Arizona’s immigration law. “Arizona’s attempt to criminalize illegal immigration.” My understanding of the law has gotten a little rusty ever since … Read more

Obama’s Win-Win Immigration Edict

You ever get that feeling that either you’re crazy or everybody else is? I get that feeling when I see analysis of Obama like this: We’re not creating enough jobs to keep up with population growth as it is.  With this new policy in place, Obama will introduce hundreds of thousands of suddenly-eligible workers into … Read more