The Endumbening

Especially appropriate after the recent cultural dumpster fire known as the VMAs, Bill Whittle gives a talk on “The Great Unlearning: How Our Society Became so Stupid”:

Explaining Things to Dumb People

This guy may not be Mr. Charisma, but I watched with fascination as he explained with total deadpan clarity how the moon landings could not have been faked, and how people who think they were are full of hooey: Perfect. A guy who knows his stuff laying out facts that everyone can understand and no … Read more

Some Questions to See if Logic Still Works

If I turned on the faucet to brush my teeth and, instead of flowing down into the basin, the water flowed up to the ceiling, I would say, “Hmm, there must be something wrong with gravity.” If clouds gathered over my house and then started to rain hot dogs, I would, after squealing with delight, … Read more

Throwback Post: Hail to the Redskins

(Note: In honor of the egregiously political decision to rescind the Washington Redskins trademark for the word “Redskins,” I’m reposting something I wrote on the subject a few months ago. The world has gone insane. Upside: now that there’s no trademark, I can use this swell graphic.) The NFL as we know it is doomed. From Andrew Johnson … Read more

How Not to Argue Like an Idiot

Seems like there’s a lot of arguing like an idiot going on lately. Flip around the cable news channels and you’ll find many nightly shows devoted to it. Fortunately for us, provides handy tips on how to avoid the 15 most common logical fallacies: 6. Argument from Authority.  I need to be careful here, … Read more

Anthony Weiner and Cheap Grace

I’m going to refrain from writing too much about the Anthony Weiner Debacle 2.0, because we’ve already reach the point where just the act of making a joke about him is kind of a joke in itself, and that’s way too meta for me. I’ll just recommend this post by David French: We’re all susceptible … Read more

This Just In: Jimmy Carter Still an Idiot

Creative Minority Report points out some more brilliant theology from History’s Greatest Monster: I think that what the major religious leaders say is used by others who discriminate against women as justification for their human rights abuse. For instance if an employer, who might be otherwise enlightened, if he is a religious person and he sees that, … Read more

The "S" Word

P.J. O’Rourke saying what needs to be said: In 2001 Congress passed the Authorization for the Use of Military Force, a declaration of war on terrorists and nations that harbor them. In his speech the president said, “I look forward to engaging . . . in efforts to refine and ultimately repeal the AUMF’s mandate.”  … Read more

A Good Way to Start Your Monday

Author who knows how to use Google pimp-slaps a liberal useful idiot (check that; he’s probably not all that useful, just an idiot) at length and with gusto. (Via Instapundit, your wholesale distributor for Internet pimp-slaps.)

From the " is Still in Business?" File

Liberal hack site Salon attacks the president of Emory University for saying positive things about the “Three-Fifths Compromise”: So under Wagner’s formulation, one of the basest and demeaning political deals of American history, if not the basest, is an example of working toward a “highest aspiration.” Counting slaves as three-fifths of a person becomes an … Read more

Giuliani Rips Biden

Hizzoner lights into Joe Biden with the kind of language that politicians don’t often use when talking about each other (in public): But the — I think the vice president of the United States has become a laugh line on late night television. I mean, he — I’ve never seen a vice president that has … Read more

Supreme Court Strikes Down Arizona’s Attempt to Criminalize Illegal Immigration

Wait, wait… Go back and read that headline again. Let it sink in real good. That is something I actually heard a real, professional radio reporter say in describing today’s Supreme Court decision on Arizona’s immigration law. “Arizona’s attempt to criminalize illegal immigration.” My understanding of the law has gotten a little rusty ever since … Read more

Obviously, These People Have Never Eaten at Chick-fil-a

Students at both Northeastern University and NYU have been opposing the location of Chick-fil-a’s on campus, saying that the fast food chain is supposedly “anti-gay” because of their donations to Focus On the Family, Exodus International, and other organizations that liberal crybabies like to complain about. This again highlights why liberals should never be allowed … Read more

Your Good Intentions Do Not Make You Any Less Stupid

How much ignorance should you be willing to tolerate from someone who has generally good intentions? I can’t tell you for sure, but I know I’ve reached my limit with this post at Think Christian: “Why Christians must not forget the Occupy movement.” Let’s leave aside for a minute the question as to whether the thugs, punks, losers, and sex offenders who … Read more

I Have So Many Questions about this Story

I normally don’t cover the police blotter, but , um… this: Pinkberry co-founder beat homeless man with tire iron, LAPD says One of the founders of the popular Pinkberry yogurt chain is accused by police of chasing down a homeless man and beating him with a tire iron. The incident took place in June 2011 … Read more

Anthony Weiner and the Importance of Shame

At last, the first act of the Anthony Weiner saga has drawn to a close. (I say “first act” because, if you don’t think this clown is coming back at some point, well, go look up Marv Albert on Wikipedia and come back when you’re done. I’ll still be here.) The whole thing was silly … Read more

Charlie Sheen and Defining Crazy Down

Everybody is having great fun talking about Charlie Sheen, and man, I want a piece of that action. The popular diagnosis is that Sheen is some kind of crazy, though the degree and particular variety of crazy are in some dispute.  But the assumption is that he’s at least addicted to something (or somethings), and … Read more

They Can Pry My Waffle Fries Out of My Cold, Dead Hands

I’m willing to put up with a lot, but when they start going after Chick-fil-a, baby, it’s on! Over the past month, several progressive-activist blogs have waged an ugly war against Chick-fil-A. The company’s alleged atrocity: One of its independent outlets in Pennsylvania donated some sandwiches and brownies to a marriage seminar run by the … Read more

It’s Clear That Newsweek Is a Waste of Paper

Remember when Newsweek used to be worth a bucket of warm spit? Yeah, me neither. But just to reinforce the fact that they’re not worth caring about, as they swirl down the drain, they continue to fire off brainless abetment of far-left conventional wisdom, like this doozy: It’s clear we overreacted to 9/11.

Sure, It Looks Dangerous…

… But if I could clear the bridge I could shave minutes off my commute!