Government Orders Legalization of Big Foot

As Congress pushes through the codification of gay marriage, I think it’s important to clarify exactly what the whole “gay marriage” debate is all about.

In Praise of Josh Harris and Honesty

A lot has been said about Josh Harris’ recent renunciation of the Christian faith. A lot of what I’ve heard and read has come from Christians who aren’t as renouncy, and there’s been a lot of disappointment and sadness, and more than a little anger. But, say what you will a bout him, Joshua Harris … Read more

And Now, the Bad News

If you’re a conservative Christian who suspects that conservative Christians just might be losing the culture war, hide all the sharp objects in your house and let this clear-eyed and terrifying article from Jonathan Last clue you in to just how terrible the situation really is: …the same-sex marriage movement is interested in a great deal … Read more

Let’s All Freak Out Over Indiana

All things considered, I guess I’d rather witness a Twitter riot than an actual riot. But I’ve been watching the absolute berserker frenzy on social media over Indiana’s religious freedom law, and it is both exhausting and terrifying. Exhausting because everything that’s being said is being said at MAXIMUM VOLUME. Terrifying because of the casual way that … Read more

More from Rosaria Butterfield

In this clip our favorite former radical feminist lesbian atheist talks about the value of grace and community in reaching those living the homosexual lifestyle. If you fear that homosexuality is the unanswerable question for the church, Mrs. Butterfield is a tonic. (Via Justin Taylor)

There is No Third Way

Albert Mohler delivers some hard truth to any Christians who think they can just keep their heads down until the whole gay marriage thing fades away: A church will either believe and teach that same-sex behaviors and relationships are sinful, or it will affirm them. Eventually, every congregation in America will make a public declaration … Read more

Strike That, Reverse It: Comments on World Vision’s Reversal

I hope that one day historians get to completely catalog every email, phone call, text, tweet, and Facebook message that World Vision received in response to their decision to start hiring people in same-sex marriages. For only then will we understand the full meaning of the word “blowback.” As for the reversal, Justin Taylor collects … Read more

Comments on World Vision’s Capitulation

“World Vision capitulation” looks like it’s going to be a trending term for the next couple of days. Here are some early comments: Justin Taylor: Sooner rather than later every Christian leader will need to go on record as to whether or not he believes the painful truth of 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and the glorious … Read more

Misunderstanding Homosexuality

Our favorite former-militant-lesbian-feminist-turned-born-again-Christian-and-pastor’s-wife, Rosaria Butterfield, has a great post on how the church misunderstands homosexuality. By all means, read the whole thing, but I’ve got to share some of the best quotes: From God’s point of view, homosexuality is an identity-rooted ethical outworking of a worldview transgression inherited by all through original sin. Oof. Try … Read more

So, What’s Up with Andy Stanley?

I realize that Andy Stanley is a very popular and successful minister. I’ve read many of his books and seen many of his videos myself. Even the early ones, before he had a stylist, where he looked like he thought the only shirts that “fit” were the ones that were big enough to sell advertising … Read more

Does America Even Want Religious Freedom Anymore?

There was a time when religious freedom was a big deal to Americans. It used to be at least a consideration. I mean, it is in the Constitution and all. People have asked for all kinds of things — psychedelic mushrooms, exclusion from the draft, not to get blood transfusions when they’re bleeding to death … Read more

The Illogic of the Great American Gay Cake Bake Debate

Thanks to a pointer from Justin Taylor, here’s that rarest of things: an article that attempts to apply thoughtful, Biblical logic to an argument over gay rights: Our culture has conditioned us to believe that “loving our neighbor” requires accepting them as they are. We now excuse all manner of behavior that our holy God … Read more

Using Jesus to Score Political Points: Arizona Religious Freedom Bill Edition

I’m a pretty easy going guy, but I have two main pet peeves: 1) People who leave their shopping carts rolling around in the parking lot. The stores install those cart corrals (which already take up valuable parking places) for a reason. Would it kill you to roll your cart into it, instead of leaving … Read more

Duck, Dynasty!

So, I was just wondering what a Duck Dynasty news avalanche would look like. And then Thursday happened. As much as I’d like to see news cycle padding like this flame up quickly and then blow out just as fast, I’m afraid that we can’t ignore it; Christians are losing the option to be bystanders … Read more

New Jersey Says You’re Wrong to Not Want to Be Gay

New Jersey’s legislature has passed, and Gov. Chris Christie has signed, a bill that makes it illegal for therapists to offer gay conversion therapy. Christie said he was “reluctantly” treading into an area in which government should be careful because the risks of “conversion therapy” in his mind outweighed parental rights.   “I believe that … Read more


In USA Today (a paper that is just begging to get bought by some gazillionaire; Mark Cuban, wouldn’t those infographics look great on your mantle?), Nicholas A. Cummings defends sexual reorientation therapy: …contending that all same-sex attraction is immutable is a distortion of reality. Attempting to characterize all sexual reorientation therapy as “unethical” violates patient choice and … Read more

Ex-Gay Community Lobbies for Government Protection

I can’t wait to see all the coverage this gets: Ex-Gay Community Lobbies Congress for Recognition, Protection From Discrimination: Two weeks ago, Doyle announced that a planned reception that was to be held at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. had to be postponed and moved to an undisclosed location after members of the … Read more

Newsflash: Pope Says Same Thing the Church Has Been Saying for Thousands of Years

Recently, there’s been a lot of news coverage of some statements Pope Francis made to reporters. Here’s the part that lit everybody’s fuse: When I meet a gay person, I have to distinguish between their being gay and being part of a lobby. If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to … Read more

Rosaria Butterfield Speaks on Homosexuality and the Christian Faith

Here’s more from our favorite lesbian-feminist-university-professor-turned-Christian (admittedly, a pretty thin sliver of the ol’ Venn diagram of humanity), Rosaria Butterfield. She gives her testimony and then holds a compelling Q&A.  (Via Justin Taylor)

It Was Always About Religion, Now People Are Just Noticing

In The Washington Examiner, Timothy Carney writes, “Gay marriage fight now becomes a religious liberty fight“: Today’s talk of tolerance and acceptance of gay marriage will soon give way to intolerance and rejection of those who hold a traditional view of marriage.  The next offensive in this culture war will involve wielding government to force … Read more