Vince Vaughn’s Conservatism

Via the Corner, a clip of Vince Vaughn and Adam Carolla talking about conservatism and show biz (caution: some swears): He may not be the first guy I’d peg as conservative, but Vince sounds like he’s got his head together. Dorothy Mantooth is a saint!

Hollywood’s Conservative Bias

No, that title isn’t a typo. It’s a reference to an article from The Atlantic which claimed, counter to perpetually irate conservative criticisms, that Hollywood movies tended to favor a conservative worldview, but for economic reasons rather than ideological ones. When I say that Hollywood has its own ideology, I’m not talking about the political … Read more

Less Cynical About Christian

Is actor Christian Bale secretly a nice guy? Signs point to “yes”: He went to Aurora (as a private individual, not a representative of the Warner Brothers studio) to offer his condolences to the victims of the massacre, and his gratitude to the hospital staff at the Swedish Medical Center and The Medical Center of … Read more

If You’ve Never Wanted to Drop a Bomb on Hollywood Before…

…You will now, because this exists, and as far as I know, the people who made it are still walking around free men, instead of tied to a rock and subjected to round-the-clock beatings as justice would require. The entertainment industry is not only out of ideas, they’re so out of ideas that they’ve become … Read more

Things Not to Apologize For

J. P. Freire at Acculturated responds to yet another sniveling apology for the sin of anti-communism and blacklisting in Hollywood. This way of looking at anti-Communist efforts in tinseltown flatly denies the nature of the American Communist Party, which sought to overtake American institutions and subjugate them to the Kremlin. No big deal, I guess, … Read more