Or Rather, What to Do When People Keep Telling You You’re On the Wrong Side of History

Michael Hanby uses some very long words and very deep thinking to advise on “what to do when you are on the wrong side of history.” I recommend reading the whole thing (and if you’re like me, maybe reading it two or three times before you get it). But if you don’t have time, here’s … Read more

Comparative Religions with Cartoons

If you don’t have time to read a bunch of words, Michael Patton uses doodles to show the¬†differences between Christianity and other world religions. He doesn’t just doodle though. If you are interested in the words, you should check out his whole post.

Omitting God

Let’s say you were president. Let’s further say that in spite of campaign promises to the contrary, your presidency has brought a certain amount of divisiveness to the land. Let’s even further say that no small portion of said divisiveness stems from the fact that, for whatever reason, a significant percentage of your constituents believe … Read more

The Value of Cynicism

I saw the headline, “Why the Church Needs Cranky, Cynical…,” and I thought, “At last! I’m getting the respect I deserve!” But no, it was about some other cynical people. Still, though, it’s good to know that someone values the sentiment. In Why the Church Needs Cranky, Cynical Historians, Justin Taylor quotes Carl Trueman, whom … Read more

Noah’s Flood

Geologists find evidence of Biblical-scale floods: Bretz found exotic granite boulders perched on basalt cliffs hundreds of feet above the highest recorded river level. In the scablands, a desolate region stripped of soil, he came across dry waterfalls and potholes hundreds of feet above the modern river. Gigantic gravel bars deposited within dry valleys implied … Read more

The Historic Accuracy of the Gospels

This… Justin Taylor interviews Craig L. Blomberg, biblical scholar and author, about the historical reliability of the gospels. (And hey, he just happens to have a book by that name!) Could you give us a couple of examples of alleged contradictions that have plausible solutions?¬† Did the centurion come to Jesus right off the bat … Read more

The Temple Mount

A virtual tour through Jerusalem’s Temple Mount in “Bible times.” Human beings built this? Holy cow. (via Justin Taylor)