In honor of April Fools Day, Amazon is offering William Shatner’s album The Transformed Man for 99 cents.  If you feel left out because no one played a prank on you today, there’s a good one you can play on yourself.

And Now There’s Nothing the Fantastic Four Can Do To Stop Me!

This is just to call your attention to, and all the goodness contained therein, including this selection, which I call “Obama, Eater of Worlds” Look closely and you’ll see Joe Biden as the Silver Surfer. (And hit the refresh icon in the bottom right corner to see more.)

Today’s Dumb Idea Not Sponsored by the Government…

… Is the Hotelicopter! A luxury hotel that actually flies like a helicopter. Yeah, don’t see anything that could go wrong with that. I would ridicule this more, but I think it may be a joke.  Well, I mean an intentional joke.

The Periodic Table of Awesoments

If you wonder where you stand in the world of awesome things, here’s an easy way to find out: the periodic table of awesoments. (Click to see it in its full, awesome size.) Yes, it’s all here, from bacon to holograms. Possibly the most complete cataloging of awesome ever, and surely the greatest achievement in … Read more

Here’s Your Laugh for Today

For maximum effect, watch these in order. (via Gizmodo) First, the real and very funny clip of David after Dentist: Then the made up but equally funny response, Vader after Dentist:

"Tough guys deep fry chicken"

On the heels of NRO’s top 25 conservative movies of the last 25 years comes Big Hollywood with a list of the top five conservative moments in movies (clips included!).  There are some good ones in there, but I have to take issue with any conservative movie list that doesn’t include something from The Incredibles.

"I Demand Monstrous Profit!"

Via the Corner, here’s the modern economy in a nutshell from Calvin, one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century, even though you now know him as just some kid who urinates on things.

We’ve Got a Theme Park Like That Here; It’s Called "Life"

In Spain, the Micropolix theme park provides a simulated real life experience in miniature–a rat race for the rug rats: Dubbed as a mini-metropolis, the theme park is designed to be like a smaller version of an actual city, where the children must earn money in order to pay for any activities they want to … Read more

What Do You Do if You’ve Got a Calculator and Too Much Time On Your Hands?

Well, after you get tired of turning it upside down and spelling words like “hell” and “boobies,” you calculate the construction cost of building the Death Star. Turns out it’s in the neighborhood of $15.6 septillion dollars, a number so big, I didn’t even know we had a word for it; a number equal to … Read more

Onion Headline Hits Too Close to Home

Weeklong Dishwasher Failure Forces Man To Drink Out Of Muffin Tray. Man, I know where that guy is coming from. How many more days til I get to be married?

Everything is on the Internet

Like looking at pictures of history?  The Library of Congress has part of its huge collection online at Flickr.

Keynesian Monopoly

Update your Monopoly game to reflect the current economic environment by adding a few of these cards to Chance and Community Chest: Now your game time can be as much fun as dealing with the government!

It’s Like "Twilight," Except for Me

Are we entering the age of bacon?  I’m glad to be alive to see these days. We now have the book “Bacon: A Love Story” which I discovered on the bacon blog Bacon Unwrapped. Egad, I can hear my arteries clogging as I sit here. But you can’t deny the appeal.

If I Weren’t Already a Christian…

Now online, the Holy Book of Bacon provides guidance for all seekers of Baconlightenment, beginning with the Five Baconic Laws: Thou shalt not consider Bacon on the same level as any other food, as it is above all. Thou shalt not consume imitation Bacon. Thou shalt not stop pursuing Baconlightenment until it is reached. Thou … Read more

Now There’s Something You Don’t See Every Day

Video of a space shuttle launch as filmed from a passing passenger jet. Note how fast it gets from ground level to the cruising altitude of the jet and beyond. I think that’s pretty cool, and the guy who shot the video obviously agrees with me.

Classics in Lego

Somebody with a lot of Legos and even more spare time recreates classic photographs in Lego, including: Raising the flag on Iwo Jima: Rugby streaker: And, disturbingly, Vietnamese execution: Ahh, everything just seems nicer in Lego, doesn’t it?

Bubble Gum and Imprisonment Not Included

On eBay (bidding closed), one slightly modified Fidel Castro baseball card.

Weirdest Concert Bill Ever

James Brown and Pavarotti: And if you look fast, you’ll notice that they’re preceded on stage by Grace Jones. What the heck? I’m at a loss for words, but if they sold tshirts at that show, I want one.