The Best of 2016 — A Longer Post than You Might Think

Knowing the craptaculousness that has marked most of the year, anything that says “Best of 2016” is going to inspire a smirk. Like saying “Best of My Root Canal” or “Highlights of My Bitter, Drawn-Out Divorce.” But even the worst, most miserable experience can have some good come out of it. It usually doesn’t, but … Read more

5 Things I Learned: May 2016

My lovely wife has challenged me to make some blog posts that are more personal, and one of her suggestions is a post every month with a “5 things I learned this month” format. This is a challenge because I am fairly dense and don’t learn a whole lot. I could go several years without learning … Read more


We wanted to take a family mini vacation while it was still warm enough to do stuff outside and before the end-of-the-year holiday crazy machine really got going. So my wife (aka, “The Research Department”) set about finding a vacation destination that was fun, but close enough to home that driving there with a one-year-old and … Read more

We All Have Dreams for Our Kids, and This is Mine

Now I know what my 3-year-old son and I are going to be doing for the next six weeks. This:

What Saturday Night Live Would Look Like in an Alternate Universe

Holy cow, a Saturday Night Live sketch where they kind of sort of criticize President Obama. How did this make the show? I’m sure heads will roll.

Things that Look Like Each Other

“Like what?” you ask. Well, like this: Check out the whole list. You can add to it too.

My Favorite Local TV News Reporter

“I’ve never been on live TV before!” Update: Aarrggh! The video embed has an auto-playing ad. Begone from my site! Here’s the link.

Looking at Talented People

Speaking of talent, lately I’ve taken to watching Jerry Seinfeld’s web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” It’s exactly what the title says: every episode, Seinfeld and one of his professionally funny friends hop in a classic car and go get coffee, and we get to ride along with them. Here’s some of the episode … Read more

Let’s Have a Concert!

Website has posted a big list of musical acts along with amount they charge to play a gig. Since there’s no way I could come up with the $250 grand it would take to get LMFAO (and that seems like about the right price, doesn’t it?), I thought I would see what kind of concert … Read more

Things I Learned from My Son’s Beginner’s Bible

(See other things I’ve learned here.)

Things I Learned from My Son’s Beginner’s Bible

I can’t believe Jesus didn’t mention this when he was telling the story. (See more Beginner’s Bible insights here.)

Things I Learned from My Son’s Beginner’s Bible

In a continuing series, I’m sharing the insights into Bible stories that I’m getting from my son Graham’s Beginner’s Bible. Today, I feel like I understand Joseph’s situation better now.

I Want My Home Movies to Look Like This

What are your home movies like if your dad is a digital animator and visual effects specialist? They’re like awesome, is what they’re like: (Via

Wow, Accents

I don’t know who this girl is or how she does this, but it’s an incredible demonstration. I’ve always been fascinated by accents from other countries and people who could simulate those accents (and simulate the languages too; Sid Caesar was great at this). And I’ve always wondered how people in other countries tried to … Read more

Dave Barry’s Year in Review

Another must-read from Dave Barry, summing up the fiasco that was 2013, including: OCTOBER … the federal government, in an unthinkable development that we cannot even think about, partially shuts down. The result is a catastrophe of near-sequester proportions. Within hours wolves are roaming the streets of major U.S. cities and bacteria the size of … Read more

Family Fun by Re-Creating the Movies

DIYPhotography talks to a family who re-creates movie scenes in their home using just household items and their cute baby. As the owner of a cute baby myself, this is the kind of stuff I wish I could come up with. My favorites: Star Wars Die Hard

The Hungry Games

Sesame Street, still knocking it out of the park after all these years: