Let’s Learn About Evolution!

Looks like from now through the 2016 elections, the default question for idiot reporters who want to want to play “Gotcha!” with Republican candidates is going to be something like, “Blah blah blah EVOLUTION! Huh?! What do you say about that, huh?!?!” Never mind that most reporters couldn’t define the word “evolution” if you put a gun … Read more

Signature in the Cell

Dr. Stephen Meyer, author of Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, lectures on the scientific case for intelligent design: (Via Justin Taylor)

Confessions of a Religious Paleontologist

Now there’s an interesting subtitle for you. On the Corner, Michael Potemra calls our attention to an intriguing new tome: Evolution and Belief: Confessions of a Religious Paleontologist, in which evolutionary biologist Robert J. Asher discusses the confluence of his religious belief and his scientific study. A quote from the author: …it is rational to believe … Read more


(I dunno; it just seems like it demands an exclamation point.) It’s not creationism, and it’s not Darwinian evolution. It’s an amalgam called “theistic evolution” or “BioLogos,” a term coined by proponent and head of the NIH Francis Collins (who also jokingly referred to it as “Crevolution[!]” [it just needs that exclamation point – j]). … Read more

Book Review: The Selfless Gene, Or God Really Wants Us All to Be Filthy Hippies

I recently had the opportunity (courtesy of the good folks at Booksneeze and their complementary reviewer’s copy) to read The Selfless Gene, Charles Foster’s retort to Darwinist absolutists and other atheists like Richard Dawkins who have been having such a literary field day lately.  The short version of my review is: He had me, then … Read more