None Dare Call It Evil

Recently, NRO’s Jonah Goldberg had a bit of a dust-up with some Professor of Bligity-blargh Mumbo-jumbo from some college somewhere, over whether it was right and proper and productive to refer to ISIS as “evil.” It went a little something like this: First, the professor (actually, the¬†director of the Program in Human Rights at Macalester … Read more

The Responsibilities of Good Guys

Looking at the news, there seem to be a lot of bad guys running around lately, pretty much doing as they please. Why is that? Aren’t there at least as many good guys as bad? Well, that depends on what you mean by, “good guys.” Good guys aren’t the same as “good people” or “decent … Read more


What is up with the word “radicalize” lately? It’s getting a lot more mileage thanks to analysis of those wild ‘n’ crazy Tsarnaev brothers. Everyone seems to be taking it as a given that the bombers were just regular guys–swell guys, in fact, princes among men–until they went through some kind horrible process that “radicalized” … Read more

Evil In Aurora

Was the Aurora shooter¬†possessed? Father Dwight Longenecker thinks it’s a possibility: Is James Holmes demon possessed? It is impossible to say without a detailed diagnosis. Even then, it is a slippery question. We are dealing with a reality that is rubbery. In many ways this is the wrong question. Better to ask, “Was James Holmes … Read more

How Christians Fight Evil

I saw a couple of posts recently on the way that Christians (and/or “good” non-Christians) should fight evil. A good question, because it would seem like Christians should have some kind of Christianity-based scruples that would keep them from doing things that their enemies would do. But do they? RedState diarist Bill S. says this: … Read more