Government Orders Legalization of Big Foot

As Congress pushes through the codification of gay marriage, I think it’s important to clarify exactly what the whole “gay marriage” debate is all about.

Kim Davis’ Body

Abolitionist John Brown attacked the federal armory in Harpers Ferry, Virginia in 1859. He wanted to use the weapons stored there to arm slaves and start a rebellion against the slave-holding South. It didn’t work out like he planned, though, as he was captured and subsequently hanged for treason. Opinions were, and still are, mixed … Read more

The Only Liberty Amendments We Need

Mark Levin recently came out with a new book called The Liberty Amendments. It’s his ideas for the amendments we need to add to the Constitution to restore America to, well, constitutionality. Instapundit Glenn Reynolds also addresses the idea of amending the Constitution in a USA Today column: And that gets to what I think … Read more

What Would You Add to the Bill of Rights? asks readers, “What would you add to the Bill of Rights?” The readers have plenty of suggestions, but they are all small beer. To clean up the mess we’re in now, it’ll take a lot more than an amendment that says, “You totally have the right to grow your own weed in your backyard, … Read more

The Case Against Roe

Have you been looking for someone to cogently, logically make the case against the supposed “right” to abortion on demand? Well, look no further; the Wall Street Journal makes the heck out of it right here: Last year the Journal of Medical Ethics published a paper by two academics who argued that “what we call … Read more

The 100th Anniversary of the Income Tax

While you wait for your 1099s to arrive in the mail and schedule an appointment with your expensive accountant, take a moment to reflect on the 100th anniversary of the 16th amendment, and all the terrible, terrible decisions of all the voters who ratified it and brought this pain upon you. Dan Mitchell writes on … Read more

Are All Old, Dead, White Men Created Equal?

When people argue that we should give up on the Constitution–and I’m starting to hear these arguments more often than Taylor Swift break-up songs–one of the first reasons they give is that the Constitution was written by a bunch of old, dead, white men. Why should we care anything about what they thought? Well, there’s … Read more

Scalia on the Law

Courtesy of NRO’s Uncommon Knowledge, sit back and let yourself be educated for eight minutes: In a sane world, where we appreciated the vigorous defense of America’s founding principles, we’d be making plans to put Scalia’s face on Mt. Rushmore.

Constitution 201 – A.K.A. "Current Events"

Via the Corner, Hillsdale College is offering a Constitution 201 course, and the full course title is a grabber: “The Progressive Rejection of the Founding and the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism” is a 10-week online course presented by Hillsdale College. Huh, I wonder how they got the idea for that?

Show of Hands: Who Thought Obama Couldn’t Get Any Worse?

Wrong! Now he’s not even pretending to care about the Constitution any more. John Yoo comments: Under Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution, the president has the duty to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” This provision was included to make sure that the president could not simply choose, as the British … Read more