Wherein I Renounce Conservatism

People don’t vote for ideologies. Regular people, I mean. Voting for something just because it’s the most accurate reflection of some “-ism” is something you’d expect from either a college sophomore or some dead-ender who has political newsletters instead of friends and always ends up in line behind me at Starbucks. Normal people vote based on … Read more

Today’s Quote to Make You Want to Pound Your Head with a Hammer

… comes from Rod Dreher seeking to understand why liberals reacted to the Hobby Lobby decision like the Supreme Court had just opened the Ark of the Covenant. He writes about academic studies that show that liberals have a much worse understanding of conservatives’ moral convictions than conservatives have of the convictions of liberals. He then concludes with this: What … Read more

An Explanation that Explains a Lot of Other Things

I don’t know if he’s the first person to say this, but it’s the first time I’ve heard it expressed like this: Kevin Williamson very profoundly explains the difference between the way conservatives see people and the way liberals see people: For the conservative, people are an asset — in the coldest economic terms, a … Read more

If Anyone Wants to Make a Conservative Daily Show, I am Available for Writing Duties

A very insightful article from The Atlantic (and a surprisingly even-handed one coming from a liberal-leaning publication) about why American comedy tends to lean left: So if philosophy isn’t preventing conservative comedy from flourishing, what is? Structural, demographic, and financial issues. Successful comics often rise up out of thriving, crowded standup scenes, which tend to … Read more

Vince Vaughn’s Conservatism

Via the Corner, a clip of Vince Vaughn and Adam Carolla talking about conservatism and show biz (caution: some swears): He may not be the first guy I’d peg as conservative, but Vince sounds like he’s got his head together. Dorothy Mantooth is a saint!

Conservatives and Their Problems, in Bullet List Form

In his “Morning Jolt” newsletter, National Review’s Jim Geraghty gives a great, succinct description of what conservatives believe, and why their beliefs present particular challenges to, you know, getting elected: If you’re an able-bodied adult, we want you to go out and find a job for yourself, and work for a living. We’re increasingly convinced … Read more

Why Changing the Culture is an Uphill Battle

Conservatives are always talking about how they need to change America’s culture, but at the Corner, David French lists four reasons why it’s tough to do that: …we’ve got to overcome four key lies the secular Left has sold successive generations since the Baby Boom. These lies are particularly difficult to defeat because they pull … Read more

Can a Conservative be an Atheist?

Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle discuss whether or not a conservative can be an atheist. The answer is a pointed, “Yes, but…” An entirely different, but equally interesting, question would be, “Can an atheist be a conservative?”

Need to Worship

Sarah Hoyt is trying to figure out why the press et al refuse to believe (or at least acknowledge) anything bad about their progressive heroes, despite ample evidence. People want to believe figures of authority are right.  Constitutional monarchies give the people a figure head to believe in, while they can jump on and kick … Read more

The 21 Greatest Conservative Rap Songs of All Time

You read that right. Stan Veuger is counting them down here. I’m intrigued to see what he comes up with, and how much of it is really mainstream, widely popular rap. For my part, I’d like to nominate the pro-marriage “Be Mine” from Christian rappers Grits, because, man, if you can rhyme the word “Ephesians” … Read more

Conservatism, Liberalism, and Christianity

Justin Taylor highlights some writings from J. Budziszewski (and if he’s going first-initial-only with that last name, one can only imagine how unpronounceable the first name is; there may be some hieroglyphics in there): Christian opinions on the problem with liberalism and the problem with conservatism. He then goes on to provide an excellent summary of both … Read more

"Socialism is Institutionalized Envy"

Does Jesus want you to be a conservative? Douglas Wilson speculates: So when I claim, as I recently have, that belief in the lordship of Jesus Christ obligates us to a position that honors the concept of limited government, I really am saying that everybody needs to get good with this. The Bible teaches it. … Read more

This Just In: Journalists Don’t Know or Like Christian Conservatives

In example number eleventy gajilion of this ongoing story, a journalism insider pulls back the curtain and reveals yet again that journalists have nothing but contempt for people who hold traditional Christian values. This time it’s the Washington Post, where the ombudsman publishes an email exchange between a reporter and a reader who complained about … Read more

The Problem with Cool

Greg Gutfeld advises conservatives to eschew the tyranny of cool: The origin of this phony intolerance springs from one source: the desire to be cool. Everything done in life these days springs from a fear of dorkiness. I called this “dorkophobia,” and every time you use it, I get three dollars. Despite the fact that … Read more

Why Conservatism is Always an Uphill Fight

Andrew Wilson has a great post titled “Why Pushing Right is Harder than Pushing Left.” It specifically addresses the challenges of promoting conservative ideas in the church, but it could just as easily apply to any other area of the culture. Some tidbits: My guess is that there are at least three factors at work. … Read more