Evangelicals and the Culture War

A couple of great articles about the rifts among evangelicals cause by different responses to the ongoing culture war.

A Further Explanation for People Who Think I’m Going to Hell Because I Don’t Like Church Music

Whenever I tell people that I don’t like praise & worship music, they usually take it as a sign I have a dark, empty void where my soul should be, like a vampire or a zombie or a Facebook employee, and so I’m most likely doomed to hellfire and damnation. I try to explain that … Read more

Anybody Remember That One Guy Who Said “Don’t Freak Out”?

I want everybody to remember that there were voices from the beginning saying “don’t freak out,” and those voices were silenced and ridiculed. And they were right.

What Do You Do When You’re Trapped In Your House By the Plague? Celebrate Passover!

We were going to celebrate Passover anyway, but events have transpired to make it a particularly appropriate holiday this year. As usual, this great idea originated with my wife (aka, The Research Department). She wanted us to have a proper Passover Seder — at least as proper as you can have in a houseful of … Read more

In Praise of Josh Harris and Honesty

A lot has been said about Josh Harris’ recent renunciation of the Christian faith. A lot of what I’ve heard and read has come from Christians who aren’t as renouncy, and there’s been a lot of disappointment and sadness, and more than a little anger. But, say what you will a bout him, Joshua Harris … Read more

My Quest to Get in The Babylon Bee

Every time I see a headline from The Babylon Bee I have two reactions: 1) “That’s pretty funny,” and 2) “I wish I had created something like The Babylon Bee.” I admire that anybody is doing aggressive, biting satire from a right-leaning, pro-Christian standpoint, and the consistent quality of their work makes me admire it … Read more

Thoughts and Prayers and Materialism

In the wake of the Parkland, FL school shooting, there’s been lots of anger and vitriol, including some people engaging in America’s hottest new pastime: making fun of religious people. It seems like people are now waiting to pounce on the first person to offer “thoughts and prayers” after a tragedy, and pounce they did … Read more

Comfort and Joy Comes Later

Doug Wilson explains that a little, tiny, soft baby was born to deliver to a hard gospel:

Looking in the Wrong Direction

looking in the wrong direction

Everybody has been having a lot of fun lately ridiculing not only Roy Moore but also anyone who would vote for Roy Moore. In the process, many have taken advantage of a great chance to show off their exquisitely fine-tuned sense of morality as people who wouldn’t consider voting that degenerate hillbilly now, even though … Read more

Tim Keller Makes Sense

Here’s Tim Keller absolutely killing it in a talk for Google entitled, “Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical“:

Christians Are Not Required to be Wimps

I typically like to comment on the articles I link to, but my only comment on this one would be, “I agree with all of this“: I have long observed that an alarming swath of public evangelicals seems to be driven by a consuming desire to be liked by the world. … To their minds, … Read more

Could You Go a Month and a Half without Pay?

I’m a big fan of the idea that there is no separation between the physical world and the spiritual world. They aren’t two different things; they’re two parts of the same thing, both equally real. Physical events affect the spiritual world and spiritual events affect the physical world. Anyways, you see what I’m driving at. … Read more

You Have Won Nothing; You Have Lost Nothing

Once upon a time, the Christian church dominated the culture in America. People who really didn’t care one way or the other said they were Christians by default. Our art, literature, and conversations were shot through with Christian references and symbolism. When you spoke of the widow’s mite or the battle of Jericho, you could be … Read more

Some Videos for Your Thinkbox to Get the Year Started Off Right

Here are a few videos to get 2016 rolling in a thoughtful and thought-provoking way. First up is William F. Buckley and Malcom Muggeridge discussing faith and doubt: Next, the Stand to Reason blog asks the question that nags at all believers from time to time, “How do I know if that inner voice is God speaking … Read more

The Uncomfortable Christians of Brooklyn

The Atlantic has an article on St. Lydia’s church of Brooklyn, and it’s shy congregants: …it can be a struggle to be publicly Christian in Brooklyn. She’s talking about a specific class of the neighborhood, of course—historically, the borough has had vibrant Jewish and Catholic communities, and still does today….But in today’s young, progressive, creative-class … Read more

Righteous Anger

Here’s something I’ve been wondering about a lot lately: Is righteous anger Biblical? Some thoughts from the Stand to Reason blog: Anger in itself isn’t a sin; you can be angry about the right things or the wrong things, just like you can love the right things or the wrong things. But mankind never runs … Read more

Get Ready for Stage 2 Exile

What is it? Well, it’s worse than Stage 1 Exile, I can tell you that. Steve McAlpine explains: In case you missed it, Exile Stage One began a few decades or so ago, budding in the sexual revolution of the sixties before building up a head of steam some 20 years ago. Finally some Christians … Read more

And Now, the Bad News

If you’re a conservative Christian who suspects that conservative Christians just might be losing the culture war, hide all the sharp objects in your house and let this clear-eyed and terrifying article from Jonathan Last clue you in to just how terrible the situation really is: …the same-sex marriage movement is interested in a great deal … Read more

Unleash Bad Voddie

This is not a new video, but Voddie Baucham talk never goes out of style. And this might as well be ripped from today’s headlines anyway:

Christianity, Sociology, and Germans

They’re more related than you might expect if this article from the American Interest is to be believed. All I’ll say is that it’s the first article about the state of modern Christianity I’ve read in a while that didn’t make me want to punch myself in the face. I agree that’s not a very high … Read more