Stumble Through the Bible – Episode 3: God is a Capitalist

In this episode, we’ll look at how the Bible tells us that God is a capitalist, or at least how He blesses and endorses the idea of capitalism. As always, if you have thoughts of your own on this passage, or ideas for future stumbling, I’d love to read about it in the comments. And as … Read more

Stumble Through the Bible – Episode 2: Vengence!

In episode 2, we look at the relationship between the story of Daniel in the lion’s den and one of the all-time great Nicholas Cage paycheck movies, Con Air. As always, if you have thoughts of your own on this passage, or ideas for future stumbling, I’d love to read about it in the comments.

Stumble Through the Bible – Episode 1

If you’re like me, you want to study the Bible, but you’re afraid to turn the pages because of the thick coating of Cheetos cheese dust on your fingers. Also, typical Bible studies leave you feeling bland and empty, like you went to Dreamland Bar-B-Q but you had to eat a picture of a rack … Read more

Kids Tell Great Stories

From Creative Minority Report, kids interpret the parable of the unmerciful servant: Which of course reminded me of this other classic kid interpretation:

Things I Learned from My Son’s Beginner’s Bible

(See other things I’ve learned here.)

Things I Learned from My Son’s Beginner’s Bible

I can’t believe Jesus didn’t mention this when he was telling the story. (See more Beginner’s Bible insights here.)

Things I Learned from My Son’s Beginner’s Bible

In a continuing series, I’m sharing the insights into Bible stories that I’m getting from my son Graham’s Beginner’s Bible. Today, I feel like I understand Joseph’s situation better now.

What was Up with All the Smiting?

Justin Taylor has a couple of videos of a talk given by Peter Williams on answering the very difficult questions about the morality of the Old Testament. Heavy stuff, indeed, but a topic Christians have to be prepared to address. Also, Tom and Jerry make an appearance. Here’s one of the videos: Check out Justin’s … Read more

Christianity: This is What it’s Like

Do you want to know what the Christian life is, in a nutshell? It’s these two statements from the apostle Paul, the greatest Christian missionary, writer of most of the New Testament, and a guy who really speaks to me on a personal level. First, he says this: Romans 7:14-15 14 We know that the … Read more

The Human Character of Scripture

Justin Taylor calls our attention to an interesting essay (at least, it was interesting as far as I could read; bringing my attention span to a hundred-year-old scholarly essay is like trying to cover a baseball diamond with a bikini top) on the role of divine inspiration in the Bible: It must be remembered that … Read more

Things I Learned from My Son’s Beginner’s Bible

More insight from the Beginner’s Bible: What did Samson and Delilah’s relationship look like?

Things I Learned from My Son’s Beginner’s Bible

More insight from the Beginner’s Bible:

Things I Learned from My Son’s Beginner’s Bible

Every night before I put my son to bed, we read a story from his Beginner’s Bible. And it’s not just for beginners—the illustrations are opening my eyes to a whole bunch details that I never picked up from my lame, unillustrated Bible. So to aid the theological education of my readership, I’m going to … Read more

A Year of Rachel Held Evans Womanhood

Justin Taylor does what he can to puncture the bubble surrounding Rachel Held Evans’ book A Year of Biblical Womanhood: Evangelicals, like Trillia Newbell, have been less than impressed. “In this book Evans is trying to build a bridge, but I wonder if it is not rather a comfortable bridge for shaky evangelicals to find … Read more

Noah’s Flood

Geologists find evidence of Biblical-scale floods: Bretz found exotic granite boulders perched on basalt cliffs hundreds of feet above the highest recorded river level. In the scablands, a desolate region stripped of soil, he came across dry waterfalls and potholes hundreds of feet above the modern river. Gigantic gravel bars deposited within dry valleys implied … Read more

More on Biblical Inconsistency, or the Lack Thereof

In the same vein as a previous post on the historic accuracy of the gospels, here’s some rich, theological goodness from Tim Keller about apparent inconsistencies in the Bible, especially those between the Old and New Testaments: The New Testament explains another change between the testaments. Sins continue to be sins—but the penalties change. In … Read more

The Temple Mount

A virtual tour through Jerusalem’s Temple Mount in “Bible times.” Human beings built this? Holy cow. (via Justin Taylor)

The LOLCat Bible

I can’t remember if I’ve posted this before or not, but just in case, here’s the LOLCat Bible. 1 Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem.2 Da Urfs no had shapez An haded dark face, An Ceiling Cat rode invisible bike over teh … Read more

How Obama Reads the Bible

It’s not necessarily the same as how other people read the Bible. Denny Burk of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary breaks down the President’s scriptural justification for same-sex marriage: … neither Matthew nor Jesus intended the Golden Rule to be a permission slip for debauchery. “Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you” does … Read more