That’s Gold, Man

Part of the battle to transform America into a pro-life country is to re-establish the idea that children are not a burden but a blessing. Not just any old blessing, either–one of the greatest blessing God gives.

A Short Course on How to Argue for Life

Via Justin Taylor, here are some video sessions on upping your pro-life apologetics game from Scott Klusendorf. Here’s session one to get a taste:

Political Gamesmanship Isn’t Just a Game for Everybody

Kevin Williamson, who has a unique perspective on the matter, has some comments for the Republicans who preemptively scuttled a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks: I was one of those who entered the world through a pregnancy of the sort we call “unplanned,” though as a Hayekian type I do not object to being … Read more

The Journey to Life

Do people who started out as pro-life ever write touching, heartfelt stories about how they became pro-abortion? I’ve never seen one, but maybe they do. Nevertheless, it’s fairly common for people who were formerly pro-abortion to write up their conversion stories. Here’s a particularly sweet and perceptive one from Rich Cromwell at The Federalist: Back in … Read more

Debating Abortion in a Post-Christian Culture

From the Stand to Reason blog, a length talk on the subject from Scott Klusendorf:

The Evils of Abortion

If you’re still wishy-washy over whether or not abortion is evil, I can only imagine you’r reading this blog by accident. However, it never hurts to clear away the underbrush of rhetoric with some direct, hard truths. To that end, RedState asks the question, “So Just How Evil Is Abortion Anyway?” Abortion has stained and … Read more

The Life of Molly Anne Dutton

Molly Anne Dutton is homecoming queen at Auburn University today because twenty-two years ago her mom decided that the hard choice was the right one: Courtesy of Via Meadia, which comments: If both sides shifted some time and energy from quarreling about the politics of abortion to making it easier for pregnant women in difficult … Read more

Yes, Pro-Abortion Protesters Really Did Yell "Hail Satan!"

As reported by Creative Minority Report here and Red State here and the Anchoress here and Twitchy here, pro-abortion protesters did various silly things at the Texas State Capitol, including chanting “Hail Satan!” All I can muster for this is a very deep, affected eye-roll and sigh. Here goes. Whoa, the sigh was so deep I got … Read more

IRS Orders Christians to Hide Their Light Under a Bushel

Anti-abortion group Pro-Life Revolution was recently told by the IRS that they had to cut out all the Jesus talk if they wanted to keep their tax-exempt status. As someone correctly pointed out, news that religious proselytizing would disqualify you from tax-exempt status would come as a big surprise to every church in America.  Kathryn … Read more

The Point No One is Making About Teens and the Plan B Pill

Ann Althouse: It seems to me that when you’re talking about girls under the age of 15, if there is an occasion to buy a morning-after pill, there is an occasion to report a serious crime. Um, yes, except replace “15” with “18.” And while we’re at it, just replace “a serious crime” with “statutory … Read more

Government as Accomplice to Murder

Mark Steyn names the government as Kermit Gosnell’s unindicted co-conspirator: The Gosnell trial is winding down, and the pro-abortion crowd’s line seems to be that yes, this guy was an unfortunate outlier but he’s of no broader significance. This conveniently overlooks the fact that he couldn’t have done what he did without the assistance of … Read more

Progressing Away from Civilization

Ok, so the President of the United States addressed a meeting of Planned Parenthood and offered them a heartfelt “God bless you” for all their hard work. The sentiments of the elected head of the government give a pretty good indication of the priorities of a society. John Hayward elaborates on this thought at RedState: … Read more

This is Either Extremely Encouraging or Brutally Depressing

Ann Althouse observes: If Gosnell is not convicted… it will help the pro-life movement. We’re going to skip right over how depressing and outrageous it would be if Gosnell were to walk. We’ll worry about that another time. If this is true–if Gosnell isn’t convicted of anything and the resulting outrage turns the tide against … Read more

The Case Against Roe

Have you been looking for someone to cogently, logically make the case against the supposed “right” to abortion on demand? Well, look no further; the Wall Street Journal makes the heck out of it right here: Last year the Journal of Medical Ethics published a paper by two academics who argued that “what we call … Read more

The Gosnell Blackout

Mark Steyn: But some of us have argued a consistent position on this case for over two years now: Relatively few people wish to commit mass murder on the scale of Gosnell – that’s the good news. The bad news is that the vast ranks of newspaper publishers, TV executives, editors, news producers, radio assignment … Read more


Kermit Gosnell is the kind of guy who gives abortionists a bad name, so you’re going to have a hard time finding coverage of his murder trial in the mainstream media. But if you are trying to find out more about it–and mind you, if you look very long, you’re going to see something that makes … Read more

Here Be Monsters, Indeed

The Anchoress notes an instance of an ongoing phenomenon: liberals becoming more comfortable pulling off the moderate mask and saying what they really believe. First, the liberal in question: Mary Elizabeth Williams on, talking about abortion: Here’s the complicated reality in which we live: All life is not equal. That’s a difficult thing for liberals … Read more

How Can I Support Hobby Lobby?

I don’t sew, or bake, or arrange flowers, or scrapbook, or paint, or use hot glue for anything, but Hobby Lobby just became my new favorite store: Following a decision by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor denying Hobby Lobby’s request for an exemption from the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, the Christian retail company said it … Read more

Abortion is a Business

Kathryn Jean Lopez quotes from a book by a former Planned Parenthood clinic director: When I looked at the numbers, I did a double take. I noticed that the client goals related to family planning hadn’t changed much, but the client goals under abortion servieces had increased significantly. My mind started racing. Something’s got to … Read more

Voddie Baucham Talks about Abortion and Adoption

Any time you see the words “Voddie Baucham talks about…”, you are well advised to pay attention to the rest. But he’s got some particularly personal insights on abortion and adoption: