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I recently had the chance to write an op-ed for the Babylon Bee titled “Why Does Satire Keep Coming True?” It’s in the subscribers-only premium section, so if you’re a subscriber head on over and enjoy. If you’re not a subscriber, here’s just a taste of that sweet, sweet semi-serious content that could be yours for just pennies a day:

By now, it’s a familiar pattern: some cultural/political event stumbles out onto the public stage in a highly mockable way. The writers at the Bee then respond to said event with appropriate ridicule by taking the internal logic of the thing and stretching it out to absurd extremes. Then, almost before the laughter has had a chance to die down, actual events catch up to those absurd extremes, and in some cases just keep right on going.

What was once a joke becomes the actual news shortly thereafter. This is the “Prophecy Fulfilled!” phenomenon, and it happens over and over again.

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