Obvious Things

These are not necessarily “facts”; they’re just statements that seem obvious to me. But I feel like I still need to point them out, because obvious things just aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

Information manipulation is suspicious. Even if I didn’t like a particular news story or a particular writer’s line of argument, I would be disturbed if the world’s largest media corporations moved in unison to quash it. In fact, that would make me think that maybe that story or argument had some merit.

Russians aren’t responsible for everything. If I had a friend who blamed every bad thing that happened to him on a Russian conspiracy, it would make me more worried about my friend than about the Russians (unless I was friends with Bullwinkle J. Moose, in which case he might have a point). It would also make me think that my friend thought I was dumb enough to keep buying the same excuse over and over.

Protesters need to eat. People who to riot for months on end still need food and clothes and gas for their cars. People who spend full-time hours organizing and managing BLM and Antifa “protests” need the necessities of life. They’re obviously getting money from somewhere. Where is the money coming from? Why aren’t news organizations curious about this? Is the IRS giving these groups the full rectal exam that they gave to Tea Party groups? Why not?

“Experts” are wrong a lot. Remember, we started this pandemic brouhaha with serious-looking people on TV telling us there would be millions — MILLIONS! — of deaths in the United States. What were they basing this on? Anything?

Starting from when the experts told us that Hillary had a 95% chance of winning the presidency on election night 2016, the last few years have been an ongoing, epic depantsing of experts in every imaginable field. Economics, foreign policy, education, the military, the people who thought Quibi was a good idea… I could go on and on. Every day, somebody who thinks he should be in charge of making all the big decisions ends up looking like a doofus.

trump and herschel

The guy from “The Apprentice,” former owner of the USFL’s New Jersey Generals, is not an evil overlord. If you listen to his adversaries, Donald Trump is second only to the Russians and Lex Luthor in his ability to weave diabolical schemes to rule the world. It takes a comic-book-level of hyper-competence to be an evil mastermind, and I don’t remember Lex Luthor ever ending up in bankruptcy court.

Trump hasn’t changed, but attitudes about him sure have. Another thing about Trump: Here we have a guy who was well-know and well-loved for a long time. Rappers name-dropped him in songs, movies and TV shows asked him to make cameo appearances, a very popular former president and first lady attended his (third) wedding. NBC was delighted to have him as the star of a reality show on their network. For years.

And then all of a sudden, all these people decided that Trump was the worst person in the world. No, check that — they decided he was the worst person in the history of the world. What changed?

Not Trump. The guy sitting in the Oval Office seems like exactly the same Trump that he’s always been. But now all these people who were previously happy to do business with him and attend his parties and accept his donations are trying to convince us that he’s worse than Hitler and cancer combined. I think this tells us a lot, and I think it’s pretty obvious.

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