How About a Nice, Warm Cup of Calm Down?

It’s about time we started seeing more articles like this one from Powerline, Stop the Insane Overreaction:

Here is a prediction: the deaths of Americans caused by the Wuhan flu bug will be dwarfed by the suicides committed by people whose life’s savings have been wiped out, whose businesses have been bankrupted, whose jobs have been lost, and whose prospects have been blighted by the insane overreaction we now see from our governments. That overreaction must stop. Right now.

That post references an editorial from the Wall Street Journal called “Rethinking the Coronavirus Shutdown,” and rethinking is something we absolutely have to do.

Politicians are afraid they’ll be blamed every single coronavirus death, so they’re doing everything they can to avoid that, even if it means burning the economy to the ground. This is some very short-term thinking, and it needs to stop. Restaurants, gyms, and other “non-essential” businesses employees count on to feed their families need to start re-opening asap.

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