The meaning of “Fredo”

Has anybody been keeping up with the story of that idiot Chris Cuomo and his rabid outburst at the guy who called him “Fredo?” Long story short, he’s an idiot, but I just wanted to make a quick comment on it, because I think it provides a useful object lesson on how leftists (i.e., idiots) think.

In the course of his rant, it’s obvious that Cuomo’s first, instinctive reaction is to punch the guy, to do him some kind of physical harm. But, he’s smart enough to know that he can’t do that because he’s in public, and he’s a public figure, and he doesn’t want to get sued.

So, he tries to take the insult, “Fredo,” and turn it into some kind of racial slur. This is ridiculous on its face, because “Fredo” has been used as an insult for many decades to refer to the incompetent screw-up in any group or organization, implying only idiocy, without any racial component whatsoever.

So why did Cuomo try to turn this into a racial thing? Because leftists believe that “racist” is the worst thing a person can possibly be, and if a person is racist, then he deserves the harshest possible punishment.

Cuomo was trying to position the guy who insulted him as a racist, which would therefore justify physical violence against him. He was gearing up to lay hands on the guy (and I don’t mean in a healing way), and he knew that if he could claim the guy was racist, all Cuomo’s buddies would rally to his defense.

And he was right, because though the situation de-escalated before punches were thrown, all of the media are saying that Cuomo’s outburst was justified.

This will come up more and more as the left tries to get more and more people classified as racist, and as the left more and more embraces the idea of using violence to get their way. 

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