My Quest to Get in The Babylon Bee, Part 4


I’m trying to produce good, solid comedy content on the Babylon Bee forum every day, and I figure if I keep doing that, eventually I’ll get noticed. But I wanted to do something to move the process along faster. So, I submitted a note to the editors using the contact form on the website.

I said, “Hey, how about, when I post a headline idea, I also include the complete story to go along with it?” I could write one or two hundred words with some of my submissions, and thereby deliver the complete package. Free comedy, with no effort required from the Bee’s staff at all. How could they refuse.

Well, pretty easily, as it turned out. I got a note from the Bee’s editor-in-chief pretty quickly afterward, saying I shouldn’t bother writing a whole story for a headline that might not get published anyway. However — and here’s the recognition part — he also mentioned several of my previous submissions that he had liked, but that they just couldn’t use for one reason or another. He said he thought I had talent and should keep it up.

Is that enough encouragement to keep me going for another month? Oh, you bet it is. Some of my favorites from this period:

  • Historically Low US Birth Rate Raises Concerns That The Country May Be Running Out Of Children To Sexualize
  • Netflix Unveils Low-Cost Subscription Plan In Which They Email You Pictures Of Other People Watching Netflix
  • Marianne Williamson Receives Endorsement Of Jedi Council – Pretty proud of this one, and it got some attention on the forum: 19 upvotes.
  • Lindsey Graham Opens His Remarks At Judiciary Committee Hearing By Ripping A Phonebook In Half
  • Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum Adds New “Well-Adjusted Home School Student” Display

I feel like I’m into a groove now and not worrying about running out of ideas. On to week 5.

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