2017 Literacy Throwdown! – The Final Tally

I am badly delayed in giving the final results of our 2017 reading competition. I apologize, but over the last couple of weeks I’ve been caught up with another competition.

A titanic struggle with a mind-blowing ending? Could there be similarities? Is the result something that might make people respond like this?:

Yes! Unbelievably, after a solid year of the most brutal reading imaginable, our titanic struggle has ended in… a tie! Let’s look at that improbable finish again!

It’s true! We ended the year with Rachel and I each reading 42 books. The most historic tie since the Korean War. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get a ridiculous haircut and start up a nuclear weapons program.

There weren’t a lot of updates at the end of last year because the pace of reading slowed down a lot. There were the holidays and all, plus exhaustion on my part. A body can only read constantly for so long before your reading elbow starts to give out.

And I was helped a great deal by the fact that Rachel basically took November and December off. She started a lot of books, then said, “Meh” after 40 or 50 pages and never finished them. But she knew she could afford to do that seeing as she’s the Harlem Globetrotters to my Washington Generals.

It was fun whatever the result, and I’m glad that I’ve developed a habit of reading. I hope to keep it up and post more book reviews here, for anybody else out there who’s looking to get his read on. And once that nuclear program gets ramped up, I may challenge Rachel again down the road sometime.

For the final list of my 2017 books, in order of my rating of them, see below. For the full list of Rachel’s books, see her Pinterest board.

Jason’s bookshelf: 2017



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