2017 Literacy Throwdown Book Review! – Unashamed

[amazon_link asins=’143368912X’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’thecynichri-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c45b02e8-3da0-11e7-bbb5-8f869a1f8f8a’] I got two main takeaways from Lecrae’s autobiography Unashamed:

1) Lecrae is way more into theology than I expect any Christian rapper to be. Maybe my expectations are too low, but I never went looking for serious hermeneutics in the work of D.C. Talk. Lecrae has challenged my assumptions about that, because the dude is all up in the theology books.

2) In spite of the fact he had a mom who loved him and tried hard to raise him right, Lecrae had a really, really, really bad childhood. It is hard to overcome the lack of a father.

It’s a relatively thin read, but that’s what you expect from an autobiography by a guy who’s just 37 years old (I thought he was even younger than that, but turns out Lecrae’s been around a while). He bounced off Christianity a couple of times before it took, so it’s certainly a good story of grace and second chances, of the way God pursues us in spite of ourselves. If you like Lecrae, you’ll like it. And why wouldn’t you like Lecrae?

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