2017 Literacy Throwdown! – The April Review: Vomit!

And here’s where we get an idea of the true nature of our reading competition: The month of April saw Rachel and both of our kids laid low with a pretty nasty case of stomach flu. Miraculously, I was left unafflicted and healthy all month while Rachel spent the better part of a week either hugging a plastic bucket or motionless on the couch like she was just run over by a truck… and she still beat me by two books.

Jason Read: Rachel Read:
Brilliance Little Women
Murder on the Orient Express A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet
From Russia with Love Tuesdays with Morrie
 Siblings Without Rivalry
Me Before You

This is what she can do when she’s got a debilitating case of the yaks. What hope do I have when she’s healthy?

Thanks to my herculean efforts in previous months, I managed to get to the end of May tied with Rachel at 18 books a piece. But I think we all know what’s coming. Sooner or later, this whole thing is going to turn into Wile E. Coyote vs. the Road Runner, and I think I just got a package from Acme.

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