2017 Literacy Throwdown! – The (Way Too Late) February Review

Let me first say that the lateness of this review has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Rachel took a two-book lead on me.

So, anyway, here’s the February split:

Jason Read: Rachel Read:
Prince Caspian Small Great Things
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Shepherding a Child’s Heart
The Silver Chair Home: A Memoir of My Early Years
American Gods The Book Thief
Nothing to Prove
6 Rainier Drive

Yes, that’s right; the shortest month has already started to shake out the field. I was hoping that she would distance herself more slowly than this, y’know, to keep it interesting. If she continues to best me by two books a month, she’ll have an insurmountable lead by May. By September, she can just take the rest of the year off and binge-watch old seasons of Survivor; there’s no way I could catch her.

My only hope is that this month was an anomaly, instead of the anomaly being in January, the month I was actually able to keep up with her. I know where I would put my money. And I would, except Vegas wouldn’t give me odds.

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