Hey, I’m in a Book!

jason-anderson-ofwbwAuthor, radio show host, and my internet buddy Jen Fulwiler has put together a new book, and I’m just tickled to be a part of it.

Not too long ago, Jen asked a bunch of her blogger friends to write a series of posts, each meditating on a word from the Lord’s Prayer (or the Our Father, as our┬áCatholic brothers and sisters say). Now she’s collected those posts into a book called The Our Father, Word by Word, and she’s offering it for free to people who sign up for her email list (Radio Announcer Voice: “No obligation! Cancel anytime!”).

I think it turned out great, and I highly recommend you check out both the book and Jen’s website. If you don’t know her, I’d say her vibe is kind of like a less-weepy Jen Hatmaker, and she knows more about old school rap than any homeschooling Catholic mother of six I’ve ever seen.

So do yourself a favor and swing on by Jen’s site and pick up a copy of the book while you’re at it. If you’re curious, my contribution is on the word “Heaven” (the second one).

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