10 Easy Steps to Fight the Power

Over at The Federalist, Stella Morabito, last seen here authoring an insightful article about the mass delusion currently infecting every aspect of life in America, pens another piece about ways to fight that infection. Her ten simple tips for the resistance include:

2. Realize Personal Relationships Are the Target
PC is a war on our personal relationships and personal conversations. Getting your business, school, or church in line with a politically correct agenda item is just the beginning for agents of propaganda compliance. In fact, control of the media, popular culture, and all of society’s institutions will never ever be enough for the central planners who push PC. Control of personal relationships is their endgame.

If you don’t think your personal relationships are a target, then answer this question: How free do you feel to express your non-PC ideas to a coworker, classmate, or neighbor? More and more people are censoring their personal conversations in everyday life.

4. Fear Fuels the Machine
PC’s main fuel is the primal human fear of social rejection. As with all tyranny, PC gains compliance by manipulating the universal fear of being socially cast out and isolated from others. It’s an inhumane and ancient tactic. The purveyors of PC know it’s akin to the fear of solitary confinement, the most brutally imposed kind of loneliness. In Stalinist Russia, those who fell out of favor were referred to as nonpersons. Others would shun them to avoid guilt by association.

We can feel that starting to happen here. As people fear losing their job, relationships, or status for misspeaking, they end up complying with the regime of PC and thus help to create a tyranny of silencing.

7. Resistance Is the Only Antidote
To self-identify in opposition to a PC agenda is effective in breaking down barriers, especially one on one. When people speak openly and respectfully about their beliefs to someone who likes or identifies with them, they can be immensely persuasive, even without talking points. They trigger ripple effects in thought. It is precisely these privately sparked ripple effects that PC aims to contain and control through its silencing tactics. As Nobel Laureate Czeslaw Milosz stated: “In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.” Vaclav Havel, in his essay “The Power of the Powerless,” spoke of such truth as having a powerful illuminating effect on those who hear it, even if they say nothing in response.

8. One Person Has Immense Power
Spread the word that the power of one individual is vast. Controlling power elites who push PC know this very well. So why shouldn’t every single one of us be aware we hold such influence? I would suggest that the most important thing conservative thought leaders can do through their platforms—especially talk radio—is to help spark ripple effects that begin in private life. They should zero in on teaching their listeners how best to speak out in their daily one-on-one conversations, and to place a bigger focus on facilitating that process.

Be brave; speak the truth. It’s the answer to a lot of problems.

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