Compelling Christian Slang Term Deconstruction of the Day

From Dalrock:

When modern Christians refer to servant leadership they aren’t talking about headship. Servant leader is a term one uses when one wishes to obliterate and deny headship. Individually the words are right, but the term servant leader has no more to do with biblical headship than the term free love has to do with 1 Cor 13. Yes, the Apostle Paul is writing about love, and no, this isn’t something we should be stingy with or charge for. So free is right, and love is right, but free love means something entirely different. Likewise servant is right, and leader is right, but servant leader in our culture means something entirely different than headship.

Hmmm… I certainly think we live in a thoroughly feminized culture — a culture which exerts a lot of influence on the church. So I don’t have a hard time believing that we’re using terms that serve to scrub out any hint that Christian behavior should be masculine or forceful or (gasp!) aggressive. But I’d never seen “servant leadership” as one of those terms.

Dalrock makes an interesting point, though. I’d like to hear more opinions about it.

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