Embrace the Weirdness

Erick Erickson (yes, that’s his name) says, “Keep Christianity weird“:

Christianity is an oddball religion. Our God makes contracts with us. Our God dies for us and lets up pile our sins on Him. Our God tells us not to take revenge, but let him handle it. Our God says karma is a myth and His grace is real.

Christianity is weird. Christians should be weird. Christians should stand out from the world in how they live their lives. They should stand out in such a way that others wonder where the innate joy of our lives come from. They should wonder why we smile, why we are honest, why we have families, why we pray, and why we help when others will not.

Too many Christians, myself included, reflect the world and not Jesus. Too many Christians want to blend into society. We are supposed to go into society, but we are not supposed to look like society. We are supposed to look like Jesus.

The gap between Christianity and “normal” secular life keeps getting bigger and bigger, but that’s not because Christianity is changing. Just by maintaining traditional Christian principles, you’ll seem weirder and weirder to a culture that increasingly knows no principles at all.

The great temptation for Christians in a world like that is to buy into the secular ethic — to elevate “go along to get along” into dogma. But going with the flow is not what’s going to draw people to Christ. Christians should be that rock that redirects the flow, the followers of an unchanging God. That would be weird, and good.

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  1. 1 Cor. 1 calls this foolishness. Christians look like fools to the rest of the world. However, the foolishness of God is greater than man’s wisdom.

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